Yonsei University’s Lee Min-seo, who became an ‘alternative to organic award’, the potential and ups and downs he showed

The sophomore guard filled the void of the sophomore ace well.

Yonsei University defeated Kyunghee University 75-59 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular league Namdaebu game held at Kyunghee University International Campus Seonseunggwan on the 29th. With a record of 9 wins and 1 loss, it remained in second place alone. One game difference from the leader Korea University (10 wins).안전놀이터

The ace of Yonsei University is Yoo Ki-sang (189cm, G). Yugi-sang is also considered a candidate for a lottery pick in the upcoming 2023 KBL domestic rookie draft. Depending on the situation, he is a promising player who can be designated as the number 1 player.

Yugi-sang has shown excellent shooting ability since his days at Yongsan High School. His explosive power based on his stable balance is excellent. Also, as the grade goes up, Yu-gi-sang is equipped with dribbling and 2-on-2 deployment abilities. He has been developing little by little.

Such Yu-gi-sang was excluded from Kyunghee Daejeon. This is because he injured his left ankle in the match against Korea University on the 25th. Yonsei University coach Yun Ho-jin also reported the state of Yu-gi-sang, saying, “It is difficult (to put Yu-gi-sang) today” just before the Kyunghee Daejeon.

Lee Min-seo (181cm, G), who started as a shooting guard, had to take the place of Yoo Ki-sang. Lee Min-seo faced the opponent’s pressure defense instead of Yugi-sang. However, after overcoming Kyung Hee University’s pressure defense with an exquisite snake dribble, they broke through the attack with a breakthrough score or a kick-out pass.

Kim Do-wan (176cm, G) carried the ball as a point guard, but Lee Min-seo was burdened with physical strength. But it was hard for him to rest for long. It was because there were not enough outside scorers to replace Lee Min-seo.

Lee Min-seo, who was replaced, did not just look at the ball. It moved according to the movement of the ball and the position of the players. The loose ball concentration was also strong. Based on this, rapid attack development. It made Yonsei University’s rise. Yonsei University, which was on the rise, widened the gap with Kyunghee University by 18-12 1 minute and 6 seconds before the end of the first quarter.

When Kyung Hee University chased 16-18, Lee Min-seo cheered up. After pouring cold water with a 3-point shot from the right corner, the pressure in the half court slowed Kyung Hee University’s ball delivery speed. Kyung Hee University shooting contest to the end. Kyung Hee University’s 3-point success rate also dropped.

Also, when Kyung Hee University used a 3-2 formation for regional defense, Lee Min-seo threw the ball from outside the 3-point line to Lee Gyu-tae (199cm, F/C) at the high post. After receiving the ball, Lee Gyu-tae made a mid-range jumper. Lee Min-seo’s one ball injection destroyed Kyunghee University’s defensive change in vain.

Lee Min-seo’s witty defense led to a turnover at Kyung Hee University. After inducing turnover, he also led to an unsportsmanlike foul. Even after that, he led Yonsei University’s upward trend with quick grooming and 3-point shooting. Yonsei University, on the rise, ran away 40-29 two minutes before the end of the second quarter.

However, Lee Min-seo’s concentration dropped sharply. Like the first half, he didn’t think of defensive positioning and timing. He only gave an excuse for a turnover with an unnecessary action. The reason why Yonsei University coach Yun Ho-jin spoke to Lee Min-seo in a strong tone even though Yonsei University was ahead 46-35.

Nevertheless, Lee Min-seo’s rhythm did not rise. She failed to time both her shooting and passing. Yonsei University coach Yun Ho-jin called Lee Min-seo to the bench. After being chased throughout the third quarter, Yonsei University finished the third quarter with a score of 51-46.

and the 4th quarter. Lee Min-seo put his heat on the defense. He focused on preventing Kyung Hee University from rising. After grabbing the loose ball, Kim Do-wan (176cm, G) scored with a quick attack, and Ahn Seong-woo (185cm, G) scored 3 points from the left corner to relieve Min-seo Lee’s burden. Yonsei University ran away 59-48 in 2 minutes and 23 seconds of the fourth quarter.

Yonsei University, which was ahead by a double-digit score, showed aggressiveness and calmness at the same time. It was the same with immigration. Finished the game with 14 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds (attack 1) and 3 steals in 28 minutes and 51 seconds. Although he showed ups and downs during the third quarter, he somewhat filled the void left by his organic image.