‘Yang Jae-min and Chun Ki-beom played together in Japan!’ B-League Asia All-Star Game victory 

Yang Jae-min (24, Brex Utsunomiya) and Cheon Ki-beom (29, Fukushima) participated in the Japan Professional Basketball All-Star Game side by side.

The Japan Professional Basketball B League held the ‘B League Asia All-Star Game 2023’ in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan at 7 pm on the 13th. It was an event game in which Asian Quarter All-Stars playing in the B-League and ‘Rising Stars’, composed of Japanese prospects, competed for supremacy.

Asia All-Stars, captained by Yang Jae-min, beat Rising Stars 118-114. In addition to Yang Jae-min, the Asian All-Stars also featured Filipino players such as Chun Ki-beom, who retired from KBL due to drunk driving, Ray Pax Jr., Kiefer Ravena, Kobe Paras, and Matthew Wright. 메이저사이트

It is not easy to be selected as a rising star in the B League, which has 54 teams up to the third division. Allen, the younger brother of Rui Hachimura, who plays in the NBA, was also chosen as a rising star.

Yang Jae-min tried the Asian team’s first 3-point shot, but it missed. Yang Jae-min tried two consecutive 3-pointers from 45 degrees in the middle of the first quarter, and all were successful. Yang Jae-min’s 6-point performance gave Asia All-Star a 12-9 lead.

The coach of the Asian All-Star Team was Norio Sasa, who coaches Jaemin Yang at Utsunomiya Brex. In order to appoint players evenly, Yang Jae-min was omitted in the second half of the first quarter. Instead, Chun Ki-beom was put in. Cheon Ki-bum, number 10, currently plays for Fukushima Fire Bones in the B2 League.

As expected from the All-Star Game, which shows off individual skills, Yang Jae-min also showed off a lot of dribbling that he did not normally do. Yang Jae-min also shot a stepback 3-point shot. The scene in the second quarter when Yang Jae-min’s pass was connected with a dunk shot by China’s Wang Wei-jia received applause.

The players also focused on making as many great scenes as possible without dwelling on victory or defeat. It is not an NBA-level dunk shot, but the attitude of trying to serve the fans as much as possible was outstanding. The Asian All-Stars led the first half 69-49.

With the start of the 3rd quarter, Yang Jae-min and Cheon Ki-beom stepped onto the court together. Yang Jae-min hit another 3-point shot from the top. Yang Jae-min spent a lot of time watching the center. Chun Ki-beom also scored his first points with a 3-pointer early in the 4th quarter.

As the captain of Yang Jae-min’s Asia All-Star team, he took on the role of cheering and saving his teammates. Yang Jae-min scored 9 points with 3 3-pointers. Even though it was an event game, 4,000 paying spectators entered the stadium that day, and it was a huge success in box office. It was a game where we could once again see the great growth of Japanese professional basketball. Japan’s professional basketball, which had been on an all-star break, has turned its halfway point. Last season’s champion and Yang Jae-min’s team, Utsunomiya Brex, are currently 5th in the Eastern Division with 13 wins and 16 losses. It is also the time when Yang Jae-min’s efforts are needed for Brex’s revival.