Yang Chang-seop and ‘Bean Ball’ Nervous Battle? Commentator Oh Jae-won Controversially Says “Please Win & Sweep SSG”

토스카지노 SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won, who sparked controversy with his comments about Yang Chang-seop (Samsung) being sure of an empty ball during the Samsung-SSG game in Munhak on the 24th, is in trouble again for his comments cheering for SSG’s victory ahead of the game on the 25th.

In the 24th game, Yang Chang-seop came to the mound with Choi Jeong batting with runners on first and third in the seventh inning, trailing 7-13. On a 2B-1S pitch count, Yang threw a four-pitch fastball that grazed Choi’s jersey. Choi walked on a ball hit to the body. Yang took off his hat and bowed to apologize to Choi.

Commentator Oh Jae-won, who commentated on the game, was convinced of Yang’s intentionality, saying, “It was an open slap, but it’s lucky it only grazed his clothes.” “I hate this situation the most. There is no need to apologize for this. There’s no way Choi Jung doesn’t know. It’s a good thing to move on from a winning position.”

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After the match, Yang Chang-seop and commentator Oh Jae-won engaged in a subtle war of words on social media.

Yang quoted the Talmud, saying, “Fish are always caught with their mouths. Humans are also caught by the mouth.” Yang quoted the Talmud and left a meaningful message. In response, commentator Oh Jae-won wrote, “A fool talks about what he hears, and a wise man talks about what he sees.”

Before the Samsung-SSG game on the 25th, SSG head coach Kim Won-hyung and Samsung head coach Park Jin-man refuted Oh’s comments.

“Before you start talking about beanballs being right or wrong, we don’t do that these days. Not only our team, but all teams try to play normal baseball even if there is a score difference. It’s not like it used to be. I don’t think hitting well creates that situation.” (Manager Kim Won-hyung)

“Pitchers try to find the weaknesses of their opponents. The batter tries to figure out the pitcher’s weaknesses. Our analysis was that Choi is a little weak on the body, so that’s why he pitched like that. I don’t understand that kind of talk.” (Manager Park Jin-man)

Before the 25th game, commentator Oh Jae-won introduced SSG starter Cho Sung-hoon and said, “He pitched well in Tuesday’s game, but I hope he can pitch a winning game today and sweep the three-game series.”

It was reminiscent of SSG’s own broadcast commentary. As a commentator who is supposed to be neutral, he was partial to a particular team. Many fans wondered if he was cheering for SSG out of revenge for his SNS tension with Yang Chang-seop the day before.

Oh Jae-won has become a troublemaker since his debut as a commentator, causing various controversies. If this is the case, it would be better to be an individual YouTuber.

ood commentator, as he had openly sniped at Park Chan-ho of ‘Korean Express’ in a past interview, saying, “There are not one or two players who have made fools of themselves while commentating, and I don’t think they have ever taken responsibility for it.” The commentary was criticized.