Whip + Carrot?’ Han Seong-jeong revived with sincere advice from KB Insurance director

On the 21st, the 4th round match between KB Insurance and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ was held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do. Both teams desperately needed a rebound. KB Insurance was on a two-game losing streak, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was on a three-game losing streak.

In particular, KB Insurance was in a situation where it would give up its 6th place to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which ranked 7th in the 1st victory point, if it lost in the game that day. For KB Insurance, which finished runner-up last season, its pride would be damaged if it fell to the bottom.

Before the game, coach Hu In-jeong of KB Insurance cited serve receiving as the key to winning. Coach Hu said, “Recently, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s serve has improved and diversified,” and “I ordered the players that the receiving line should endure.”

On the 12th, on an expedition against Hyundai Capital, coach Hu emphasized receiving. Director Hu said, “When the receive is to a certain extent, our setter is Hwang Taek-ui, so he can shake and remove the opponent’s blocking,” he said. However, on this day, KB Insurance only stayed at 20% in receiving efficiency, losing less than half of its opponent with over 48%, losing 1 to 3.온라인카지노

At that time, director Hu expressed his regret for outside heater Han Seong-jeong (27, 195 cm). Director Hu pointed out, “Han Seong-jeong has to show a little more in attack, but it’s a pity,” and “I worry about it, so even receiving is shaking.” On this day, Han Seong-jeong stayed at 20% receiving efficiency with 3 points, and missed the match against OK Financial Group on the 17th.

, in the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Coach Hu made Han Seong-jeong the starter again. Coach Hu said, “While meeting with Han Seong-jeong, he said, ‘You have a role to play while playing the game. I wonder if he will give us a game,” he expressed his anticipation.

Did Director Hu’s advice help? Han Seong-jeong contributed to the team’s victory with a different look from the previous game that day.

Han Seong-jeong stayed at 7 points that day, but the attack success rate reached 60%, so Altoran played an active role. The main gun Villena poured in a whopping 38 points, and Hwang Kyung-min added 15 points, relieving their attack burden.

He showed his presence, especially on defense. On this day, Han Seong-jeong attempted 32 receives, the most in the team, and the efficiency was 34.48%. Considering that the total receiving efficiency of KB Insurance on this day did not exceed 30%, it was quite good. In Digg, Han Seong-jeong succeeded in 7 out of 9 shots and built a strong defensive line with libero Jeong Min-soo (11 out of 12) and Hwang Gyeong-min (10 out of 12).

The reason Viyena, who also missed the match against OK Financial Group, was able to explode 38 points was because her teammates gave her a boost in defense. On this day, Villena scored more than 3 points in 3 categories, including 5 blocks, 3 serves, and 17 back attacks, to achieve the triple crown.

In the end, KB Insurance won the set score 3 to 1 (25-23 25-20 23-25 ​​25-23). While breaking a losing streak, he recorded 21 points (7 wins, 15 losses) and raised hopes for a mid-level jump.

KB Insurance’s outside heater is Hwang Kyung-min. Han Seong-jeong has to fill the remaining spot. Coach Hu says, “There is also Hong Sang-hyuk, but we have to show better performance, and Han Seong-jeong has to do it first.” It remains to be seen whether Han Seong-jeong will rebound with Hu’s sincere advice.