What’s going on as soon as Lee Kang-in goes…’Mbappe forced to sell’ PSG, squad mood at its lowest ebb

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)스포츠토토 players will be hard-pressed to know where to stand.

Fabrice Hawkins, a reporter for RMC Sport in France, who is well versed in PSG news, reported today (June 26), “The mood in the PSG squad is not bright. According to PSG team officials, the situation is making it difficult for the players to relax and adapt. If Mbappe’s case is not resolved, how can the atmosphere suddenly improve?” and reported the inside story of the PSG squad.

PSG is currently the most watched club in the world. That’s not a good thing, and the team’s atmosphere is even more turbulent. Mbappe and PSG are crossing a river that shouldn’t have been crossed. After Mbappe made it clear that he would not be re-signing with PSG after the 2022-23 season, PSG feels betrayed by his sudden change of heart.

PSG now believe that Mbappe has finalized a pre-agreement with Real Madrid, who are also targeting him. With Mbappe set to stay at the club until 2023-24, pocketing a hefty loyalty bonus and leaving the club with no transfer fee, PSG are pulling out all the stops to sell him this summer.

It started with his exclusion from the pre-season tour roster. PSG announced the 29-man roster for their tour of Japan on the club’s official website on July 22. Mbappe’s exclusion from the pre-season roster was unexpected. It was an announcement to the world that Mbappe was not part of the PSG project under Luis Enrique. At the same time, the club announced its intention to sell Mbappe.

Saudi capital immediately stepped in. Al-Hilal offered PSG a transfer fee of €300 million. That’s more than the €222 million ($313.1 billion) PSG made for Neymar, the highest transfer fee in soccer history. Never one to lose money, PSG immediately accepted Al Hilal’s offer.

Al Hilal made two stipulations for Mbappe. First, the oil money club tried to lure Mbappe with money. Al Hilal would pay Mbappe 200 million euros ($282.5 billion) in pure salary alone. On top of that, commercial deals and endorsement deals are expected to boost his salary to €700 million (approximately KRW 988.8 billion). A sum unheard of and unseen in the history of soccer.

They also plan to allow Mbappe to leave on a free transfer after one year. It’s hard to imagine Mbappe spending his entire career in Saudi Arabia, let alone on the fringes of Europe. One of the best players in the world right now, Mbappe was born in 1998 and is entering his prime. While Mbappe has accomplished a lot for the French national team, he has yet to reach the top of his game as a club player.

At one point, Mbappe was seriously considering a move to Real and staying at PSG. Real have won the UEFA Champions League (UCL) more times than any other club and are always the favorites to win it. Real is also a club that is serious about signing Mbappe. Mbappe wants to win a UCL trophy, so they’re willing to let him play for just one year at Al Hilal before allowing him to leave on a free transfer.

Al Hilal’s negotiators have already arrived in Paris to meet with Mbappe. Fabrizio Romano, a journalist who has worked for the UK’s The Guardian and is known as an expert on the European transfer market, wrote on social media on Saturday, “A delegation from Al Hilal will be in Paris this week. They want to explain their plans to Mbappe,” he reported.

For now, however, Mbappe’s situation is unlikely to be resolved easily. Mbappe is not considering a move to Saudi Arabia at all. “There is no doubt about Mbappe’s future. He would rather take a year off than move to Saudi Arabia. No matter how good an offer PSG receives, they have to agree with the player in order for the transfer to go through. They can’t force him to sign for a team he doesn’t want to go to. Mbappe does not want to play in the Saudi league.”

As the conflict between PSG and their ace Mbappe looks set to escalate further, it is having a detrimental effect on the squad. “The mood of the PSG squad in Japan is a shadow of Mbappe’s,” Hawkins said. According to sources close to the squad, the players are torn between wanting to help Mbappe and wanting to be seen by the board of directors. “The PSG players don’t know how to take a stand on the situation,” explains a source close to the team.

It’s not a good situation for a player to be in. To put it bluntly, Mbappe is not to be criticized if he stays at PSG. After all, it was PSG who tied him down until the 2023-24 season. They’ve clearly signed him to a contract, and they’re letting him go because he’s trying to fulfill it.

If they treat their ace, Mbappe, this way, it could be even worse for other players. Even if no player is bigger than the team, no player would be happy to see a teammate who played with them until recently treated like that.

PSG has a lot of new faces at the moment. Players like Lee Kang-in, Marco Asensio, Milan Skriniar, and Manuel Ugarte will have to adapt to life at PSG this season. The existing players will also need time to integrate into Enrique’s system.

While they’re busy adjusting, there’s a big story outside of the team that has the world’s attention. As Hawkins explains, “For the younger players, as well as the new arrivals, the environment around the club hasn’t been conducive to a very good adjustment. Some realize that Mbappe’s situation could have implications for their own futures,” said Hawkins, adding that there are concerns within the squad.

Until Mbappe’s future is decided, PSG will continue to have a turbulent squad.