What does Carrot run for?

Pro is a stage where value is evaluated with money. When you win, you receive a huge bonus or even when you achieve a certain level of performance, you are paid an allowance. When players who have obtained FA status sign a contract with a team that offers more money and transfer, the fans of the club express regret, but that is the physiology of the pros. 

At least Goyang Carrot isn’t chasing money right now. 온라인카지노In the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Playoffs, Carrot is surprising everyone by playing great matches day after day. In the second round of the playoffs in the semifinals held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 15th, they defeated Anyang KGC, the top team in the regular league, 89-75. It was a victory to wash away the humiliation of the complete defeat in the first game (43-90).

What is even more surprising is that the Carrot team has been playing without wages for two months. In the playoffs, in addition to the salaries of the players, incentives are also paid. It’s a story from a far country for Carrot players. I have not yet received even the salary for March, let alone the incentives that I was supposed to receive when entering the playoffs under the terms of the annual salary contract.

The same goes for the two foreign players (Didric Lawson and Jonathan Alledge). Contrary to his promise to pay his March salary by the 13th, he decided to leave for the United States when his salary was delayed again. With the persuasion of manager Kim Seung-gi and the club’s high-ranking officials, they decided to leave after completing the playoffs.

The reason coach Kim Seung-gi says in every interview, “The players are doing so well,” is because the players are pouring out everything in each game regardless of money. Manager Kim Seung-gi and coaches are also unable to receive salaries.

There is no guarantee that the situation will improve even after this season is over, but the Carrot team, including coach Kim Seung-gi, is playing with passion for victory.

Fans’ love is the only strength. Carrot fans are donating lunch boxes and chicken as gifts to the players with a heart of cheering for the players who are running with all their might in the playoffs despite difficult circumstances.  There is no tomorrow. Carrot, who only runs while looking at the victory in front of his eyes and the fans, will play the third round of the semi-final playoff against KGC in Goyang, his hometown on the 17th.