‘Volleyball dream tree, Jecheon heats up’… National Elementary, Middle and High School Winter Stove League

 The 1st National Elementary, Middle and High School Volleyball Player Winter Stove League opened in Jecheon. It is an opportunity to look at the direction of early, middle, and high volleyball this year by previewing the improved performance and teamwork of the players ahead of the regular season.

According to Jecheon City on the 31st, this tournament hosted and supervised by the Jecheon City Volleyball Association will be held in Jecheon City until February 18th.

About 1,000 athletes from 50 teams from all over the country participated in this competition, and the competition is held every week by elementary, middle, and high school level. It will be held as a friendly match regardless of ranking in a full-league format over 6 days.

High school (6 women’s teams, 7 men’s teams) matches will be held at the Jecheon Gymnasium and Jecheon Middle School Gymnasium until February 5th. 메이저놀이터

Middle school (9 women’s teams, 10 men’s teams) matches will be held at Jecheon Gymnasium and Jecheon Industrial High School and Jecheon Girls’ High School gymnasium from February 6 to 11, and elementary school (8 women’s teams, 10 men’s teams) will be played at Jecheon Gymnasium and Jecheon Gymnasium until February 5. Exciting competitions are held at the gymnasiums of Uirim Elementary School and Namcheon Elementary School. Due to the nature of

Stove League, it has the nature of field training in which camp training is conducted to improve player skills and team organizational skills before the start of the regular season for elementary, middle, and high schools. will be staying with me

The city expects tangible and intangible derivative effects, including direct consumption effect of 400 million won, to reach 1.7 billion won against the project cost of 130 million won.

A city official said, “The Stove League method, which combines off-season training and sports competitions, will be a good sports marketing strategy that kills two birds with one stone, revitalizing the frozen local economy and promoting the best location for off-campus training.”