Vietnam baseball team selection continues, ‘this time in Hanoi’

We have delivered the news of the selection of the second national baseball team in Vietnam. Following Ho Chi Minh the previous day (14th), it was implemented in Hanoi on the 15th.

Vietnamese baseball players are eagerly waiting for the national team to participate in the 1st Southeast Asia Baseball Championship. Many players gathered in Ho Chi Minh, but in Hanoi, more than that number of players gathered, and the hot baseball fever was felt.

Director Lee Jang-hyung said, “My body is exhausted from the early hours of walking between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, which are over 1,700 km away, but my heart is so happy.” I arrived in Hanoi and prepared for the selection match.” He also mentioned his candid feelings, saying, “Why is this job so important to me that I can’t benefit from anything? Now I think I can dare to answer this question. Because my heart beats.” 

On the morning of the 15th, the second day of selection for the Vietnamese national baseball team began. Hanoi needed more preparation as the number of standing army players twice as many as Ho Chi Minh is preparing for tryouts. General manager Lee and coach Park Hyo-cheol conveyed the news that they had prepared T-shirts, vests, and evaluation sheets to distribute to players, including scouting reporters.

It is said that the Hanoi selection, which was held in the same way as in Ho Chi Minh, took four hours due to the large number of people. However, general manager Lee Jang-hyeong said that he was moved by the fact that he was able to look at players who showed good skills in the middle, players whose skills were better than before, and players who were lacking but did their best until the end. 

In particular, the players have conveyed their thanks after the tryout. Like in Ho Chi Minh, it was more of an education than a tryout. On the other hand, general manager Lee Jang-hyung said, “I am now keeping the promise I made with them five years ago. I am facing them now, who asked for help to create an association, form a national team, and participate in international competitions. Of course, there can be no twists and turns. There was no misunderstanding and I was hurt. But I’m fine because I’m dreaming the same dream as them.” 슬롯사이트

After the tryout in Hanoi, general manager Janghyung Lee especially thanked the three people. Including coach Lee Man-su, who asks about the results of tryouts every day and cares about the local area, coach Park Hyo-cheol, who tries to give anything to the players, and Tran duc Pan, who always treats strangers warmly like his own nephew and family. Phan) They are the president of the Vietnam Baseball Association. Director Lee Jang-hyeong says that it is because of these people that he can ‘make the impossible possible and imagine Vietnam, where a father and son play catch in an apartment complex.’

In the AFF Champions (Mitsubishi Cup, formerly Suzuki Cup) competition, Vietnam won the title by beating Thailand. This time, with the hope that the day will come when Thailand wins with baseball, general manager Lee Jang-hyung and coach Park Hyo-chul boarded a car heading to Da Nang on the third day.