‘Unresolved Dallas’ Wood fractures his left thumb

The Dallas Mavericks have suffered significant disruptions to maintaining power.

Dallas’ Christian Wood (forward, 206cm, 97kg) fractured his left thumb, according to The Stein Line’s Mark Stein.

Due to this injury, he will be out for the time being. He decided to undergo a reexamination in one week, and the return schedule is expected to be adjusted later depending on the results of the reexamination. Fortunately, it is not expected to be a major injury considering that he will be examined after about 7 days.

Wood’s recent performance was not enviable by any other player. Since mid-December, he has been on a business trip as a starting player in earnest and has become a reliable ally of Luka Doncic. He has been a starter in his last 16 games, averaging 20.3 points (.516 .367 .814), 9.4 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 2.4 blocks in 33.4 minutes per game. He stood out throughout the season, picking up more rebounds than when he came off the bench. 바카라사이트

Even more so, his recent performance was even more outstanding. Starting with the home game against the LA Lakers on the 26th (Korean time), he was responsible for an average of 22 points (.539 .384 .800) in 12 games. He was also consistent in rebounding, assists and blocks. Dallas, where it was not easy to crack down on the inside, reorganized the line while Wood performed more than expected in the second line defense.

Thanks to his leap, Dallas started a full-fledged winning streak from the end of the year. This season, he achieved seven consecutive victories, the club’s most. Although he only managed to add 2 wins out of the 8 games he played after winning the streak, and has recently fallen into a quagmire of 3 consecutive losses, Wood’s performance was outstanding. Considering that he was playing a big role in earnest, his injury was painful in many ways.

Already, Dallas is out of line with Maxi Kleba injured. Cliva could return before the All-Star Game at the earliest. But as he’s hard to come back this month and will miss most of February, Wood’s presence is vital to Dallas’ staying power. For at least a week that he’s been out, Dallas has had a pretty tough time getting inside.

Wood also had a good performance recently, so this injury is a pity for the individual. He is out of contract at the end of this season. He wasn’t unwilling to sign an extension during the season, but Dallas was hesitant. At least, it is positive that through his recent performance, he has laid the foundation for a sufficiently good contract in the transfer market this summer.