‘Unhappy’ Lee Kang-in… What is the reaction of local fans in Mallorca?

There was a local report that Lee Kang-in (22) of Mallorca in the Spanish Primera League was dissatisfied with the team. 

On the 26th (Korean time), Spanish sports media Marca said, “Lee Kang-in is not happy. He reported that he is dissatisfied with Mallorca, who are blocking transfers in the winter transfer market.” 

On the 25th, Lee Kang-in stopped following the Mallorca club’s official account on his social media (SNS). The media interpreted this as expressing dissatisfaction with Mallorca. 

At the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which ended in December last year, Lee Kang-in showed outstanding performance as a Korean representative. He also stands out in the 2022-23 Primera Liga. It is evaluated that all of the physical fights, defense, and speed of switching between offense and defense, which were pointed out as weaknesses until the previous season, have improved. 

Lee Kang-in has played an average of 76 minutes in 17 league games this season, recording 2 goals and 4 assists. He is a key midfielder for Mallorca. 

On the 25th, reporter Juanmi Sanchez of Football Mallorca, who reports on Mallorca, wrote on her Twitter, “Lee Kang-in is dissatisfied with Mallorca’s management. Even though Mallorca received two important proposals for Kang-in Lee’s transfer in January, they did not accept them, and Kang-in Lee does not understand this. The Mallorca club announced that Lee Kang-in would not leave the team in January.” 

According to reports from local European media, Lee Kang-in received offers from Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Brighton (England). 

In addition to these two clubs, reports have emerged that Aston Villa, Newcastle United (above England) and Feyenoord (Netherlands) are interested in Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in’s buyout amount is known to be 17 million euros (22.86 billion won).  메이저사이트

The club’s position is firm. It means that they will not let Lee Kang-in out. In an official interview before the game on the 13th, Mallorca coach Javier Aguire said, “There will be no team that will pay Lee Kang-in’s buyout amount. No one is leaving the team in this transfer window.” 

Lee Kang-in has never expressed public dissatisfaction except for canceling the club account on social media as an arm. However, what stands out in this ‘Lee Kang-in Unhappy Incident’ is that he became a hot topic as a key player in Mallorca, to the extent that a leading Spanish media reported that “Lee Kang-in is dissatisfied with the team” just by the fact that Lee Kang-in simply canceled the club account with an arm. that it has been proven that 

Local fans in Mallorca commented on the post of reporter Sanchez, who reported that Lee Kang-in was not happy through social media.
Mallorca fans expressed their dissatisfaction, saying, “It would be a loss if Lee Kang-in left during the season, and it would be a loss to remain unhappy.” Clubs will want to sell good players as expensive as possible, and players may want to leave for other teams to maximize their abilities,” one fan wrote. 

Mallorca is currently 10th in the Primera Liga. Lee Kang-in signed a contract with Mallorca until June 2025.