“Trade is open” Okinawa league resumed after 3 years, ‘Jamanchu’ Hanwha KIA Samsung Lotte really?

Hanwha Eagles and NC Dinos opened the trade market this season.

On the 14th, both teams received FA outfielder Lee Myung-ki (36) and catcher Lee Jae-yong (24) from Hanhwa, and infielder Cho Hyun-jin (21) and the 2024 rookie draft 7th round nomination right (61st overall) in a 2-2 trade with NC. Agreed.

Prior to this trade, Lee Myung-gi signed a free agency contract with NC for a contract period of one year and up to 100 million won (annual salary of 50 million won and an option of 50 million won). Hanwha took over this contract through a sign-and-trade.

With this, Hanwha strengthened the backup catchers, which was regrettable with Heo In-seo’s military enlistment. Recruiting Lee Myung-gi, a 307-7 hitter in his career, had the effect of intensifying competition in the outfield. There was also an effect of clearing up infield prospects who were saturated.

NC secured the future in exchange for sending the two players.

First of all, instead of sending a catcher with a redundant role, they got a prospect in the third year. A player who recorded a batting average of .300 in the Futures League after two years as a pro. Above all, he has excellent defensive skills and has high expectations for growth.

The backup catcher needed traffic control. Over the winter, Park Se-hyeok and Ahn Jung-yeol were recruited to strengthen the homeroom. There is an existing backup catcher Dae-do Park. In addition, next-generation main catcher Kim Hyeong-jun, who is recovering from knee surgery, will return from the second half.

In return for sending Lee Myung-gi, who had a difficult contract due to the composition of the outfield, he was given the right to name a rookie. It’s the 7th round, but it’s closer to the 6th round because Hanhwa is the 1st ranked team. It is a pick that can select another promising beast.

General manager Son Hyuk of Hanwha hinted at the possibility of reinforcing power through additional trades before the season, saying, “Trades are always open.”

Just in time, the Japan Okinawa League will begin at the end of this month.

Before COVID-19, many teams actively interacted with domestic and Japanese teams in Okinawa before the opening of the demonstration game by playing the final practice game of the camp. In 2015, as many as 9 out of 10 clubs participated in the Okinawa League, and it was a success. In 2019 alone, 7 teams participated in the Okinawa League.

Overseas camp resumed in 3 years카지노 after the pandemic. With the exception of Samsung, most clubs chose the US, Australia, and Guam instead of Japan, and the Okinawa League seemed to be canceled this time.

However, as KIA, Hanwha, Lotte, and SSG went through Okinawa as the 2nd campsite (Lotte was the 3rd), it was revived again.

Leading by Samsung, a native of Okinawa, the five domestic teams will engage in active exchanges from the end of this month to the beginning of next month to enhance their sense of actual fighting ahead of the opening. This is the time when the outline of the power prepared throughout the winter is revealed. It is also a time to show weaknesses that have not yet been filled. Critical holes must be filled and started. Trade is the only way.

Coincidentally, all the teams gathering in Okinawa are active in trade. There are Lotte and Hanwha, who had the most aggressive Stove League. KIA and Samsung, which have weaknesses in the catcher and bullpen, will also have two exchange matches in Okinawa.

If you compare it to dating, it is a situation of ‘jamanchu’, which is an abbreviation of the so-called natural encounter.

As General Manager Hyuk Sohn said, the trade door is always open. Attention is focusing on whether the natural encounter called the Okinawa league will be a catalyst for a surprise deal.

A season in which all clubs set Winnow as their banner. The FA market is hotter than ever. The foreigner’s face has also changed a lot. The only change left now is the trade market.