Time limit command tower? The reason why director Seong Han-soo and Kim Cheon’s tenure ends in July

Managing Director Kim Cheon took on manager Seong Han-soo (47) as the new command tower from the 2023 season following former manager Kim Tae-wan (52). At the end of last year, when former manager Kim expressed his gratitude, he changed his position from coach to acting manager, and was appointed as manager on the 3rd of this month. However, according to the club’s official announcement, the term of office was until a new manager was found in July, raising many people’s doubts.

At first glance, director Sung can be seen as a ‘time-limited command tower’, but in reality this is not the case. Due to the nature of the Armed Forces Sports Unit, it was an inevitable measure in the process of going through the official appointment process. In order to be officially appointed as the director of the Sangmu soccer team, you must be hired as a military employee by the Military Manpower Administration. In recent years, the qualification requirements for professional sports instruction have been strengthened. Director Seong is preparing to acquire a license equivalent to the conditions for hiring military officials in other sports. 메이저놀이터

Being the coach of Gimcheon, the only professional team in the Armed Forces Athletic Corps, is quite tricky compared to other sports. In addition to the qualifications for hiring military officials, a P-level leadership qualification is also required to perform the K-League supervisory position.

First of all, in order to participate in the class for obtaining a P-level license, among holders of an A-level license, you must have commanded a high school or higher team for more than 5 years, or have experience as a national team leader or a full-time coach of the Korea Football Association (KFA). After that, you have to pass various tests such as practical skills, theory, presentations, interviews, and finally pass the thesis review. It is not only impossible to acquire in a short period of time, but it is also a process that requires a considerable amount of money. Coach Seong, who worked as a coach in Gimcheon from the 2021 season, completed the P-level leadership training session last year and finally obtained qualifications.

The exact timing is undecided, but it is expected that the military personnel leader will be hired around July. If coach Seong obtains additional relevant qualifications and achieves satisfactory results in the K-League 2 (Part 2) until then, it is highly likely that Kim Cheon will continue to accompany him. “It depends on how I lead the team after the start of the season,” said coach Seong, who has been directing Gimcheon’s first winter training in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do from the 15th.