Thrower of 160km throws 148km…blisters in first half final, ‘pitcher’ Otani misses All-Star game

We won’t be seeing pitcher Ohtani in this year’s All-Star Game. The signs were not good from the first inning.토토사이트

Ohtani was pulled from his start against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA, on 5 May after allowing five runs on seven hits (two home runs) with four walks and five strikeouts in five innings. He ended the first half with his season ERA rising to 3.32.

Ohtani didn’t look good from the first inning. He pitched 6⅓ innings against the Chicago White Sox last month, giving up one run on four hits with two walks and 10 strikeouts. He had a strong outing, but was sidelined with a broken nail on his middle finger.

Ohtani was originally scheduled to pitch against San Diego on the 4th, but was given an extra day of rest and took the mound on the 5th. However, Ohtani’s pitching form didn’t seem to be fully recovered. In the first inning, he threw a 92.6 mph (about 149 km/h) fastball to leadoff batter Kim Ha-seong. That was the highest velocity he threw in the first inning. His lowest pitch was down to 92.2 mph (148 km/h). Although he averaged 97.1 mph (156 km/h) for the season, Ohtani’s velocity was not the same. For the game as a whole, he topped out at 98 mph (158 km/h) and averaged 95.3 mph (153 km/h).

His pitches weren’t coming alive and his command wasn’t perfect. His velocity was up, but his command wasn’t great and his changeup was lacklustre. He ended up giving up two homers, and in the sixth inning, he gave up back-to-back homers to Xander Bogaerts and Jake Cronenwirth. The first back-to-back homers of Ohtani’s career. After signing autographs on the bench, Ohtani took a voluntary ejection. During the game, the team explained that Ohtani was ejected for a blister on his finger.

For now, with three games remaining before the All-Star break, Ohtani is likely to be available as a designated hitter for the remainder of the season. However, his status as a pitcher in the All-Star Game is up in the air. Ohtani was named an American League All-Star as a designated hitter for this year’s All-Star Game at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. He was also named as a pitcher on the final All-Star Game roster, which was released on the 3rd. Although he didn’t start the game like last year, there was a lot of interest in whether he could make it to the All-Star mound as a pitcher again this year.

However, due to a blister injury, the pitcher’s All-Star appearance was effectively cancelled. “It’s basically the same injury as my last start,” Ohtani said after the game. It’s not completely healed, and it got worse as the game went on.” “It was hard to press the ball because of the nail. As the game went on, my velocity dropped,” he said, adding that the nail problem against the White Sox led to blisters.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to pitch in the All-Star Game,” he said. “I hope to have about ten days to heal before the first game after the All-Star Break,” he added, explaining that he would rather focus on resting than pitching in the All-Star Game. He also took a cautious approach to his hitting status, saying, “I think we’ll have to wait and see for three games before the All-Star break.”

From the Angels’ perspective, it’s better for Ohtani to be ready for the first game of the second half against Houston on the 15th of this month rather than push himself too hard for the All-Star Game. The outfielder suffered a fractured metacarpal bone in his right wrist, and Anthony Rendon took a knee on a foul ball earlier in the day. Ohtani’s injuries are a blessing in disguise for the Angels, so they’ll have to manage him more carefully and possibly skip the All-Star Game.