“They can’t fight alone” Homework Barkley gave to Durant’s embracing Phoenix

Barkley talked about Phoenix’s situation.

Charles Barkley, who is active as a commentator for ‘TNT’, talked about the signing of Kevin Durant from the Phoenix Suns on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time).

Phoenix was the hottest team at this trade deadline. Phoenix, who had been quietly spending the transfer market, surprised everyone by signing Kevin Durant through a bold investment at the last minute.

With Durant, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Deandre Ayton playing together, Phoenix quickly became a strong championship contender. It is Phoenix, which recently succeeded in rebounding after overcoming sluggishness.

Ayton, who heard the news of Durant’s transfer, expressed his expectations, saying, “My expectations have really risen and it is a completely new team. The atmosphere has changed and I want to play my first game with my new teammates on the court as soon as possible.”

However, the current Phoenix roster also has obvious weaknesses. The player base thinned as three wing resources, including Mikal Bridges메이저사이트, Cam Johnson, and Jay Crowder, went out. They lack the resources of good-sized forwards to provide much-needed defense, especially in the playoffs. They acquired Darius Basley from Oklahoma City, but they still have a lot of regrets.

In the Western Conference, besides Phoenix, there are many strong teams aiming for the championship. Denver, which is currently leading the league, Dallas, which has acquired Kyrie Irving, the Clippers, which have made substantial reinforcements in the transfer market, and Memphis, which are maintaining top-tier grades, are holding out. If you’re going to play these Game 7 series, Phoenix’s thin depth is likely to be an issue.

Barkley, who led Phoenix to the final stage in the past, also pointed out this point. He emphasized that Phoenix should make the most of the buyout market. 

“The Western Conference is too strong right now. Phoenix will definitely need good bench resources,” Barkley said.

“The West is too strong to fight with just Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Chris Paul. Phoenix’s bench resources will be really important. We need to get players of good size in the buyout market. Cameron Payne And TJ Warren are the little players,” he added.

A lot of experienced veteran resources will be poured into the buyout market. Can Phoenix, which acquired Durant, achieve satisfactory results in the buyout market?