There is no boring ‘opening ceremony’ for the Jeju Provincial Sports Festival… Significantly simplified entrance ceremony

This year, the Jeju Provincial Sports Association will be held from April 21 to 23 in Jeju City, including Hallim Sports Complex in Jeju City.

Jeju Island announced on the 13th that it will finalize the guidelines for participation in the Provincial Sports Festival in March and organize and operate a preparation planning team.

The Provincial Sports Festival was not held in 2020 due to the influence of Corona 19, and was held in 2021 in a reduced and dispersed manner바카라, but it was held normally from last year.

This year, Jeju Island has been running a working group since last month with the goal of ‘an athletic event that impresses a large number of residents’ and is discussing ways to hold a differentiated event.

In particular, the opening ceremony, which is the highlight of the competition, is also drastically improved, greatly simplifying the entrance ceremony, and contemplating ways to add fun with colorful cultural performances and metabus events using virtual reality platforms.

To this end, an advisory committee composed of experts in the fields of directing planning, scenarios, cultural performances, and information and communication technology (ICT) is being operated until the event period.

The advisory council held its first meeting on the 6th of this month and discussed the basic direction for directing the event.

Oh Seong-ryul, Director of Culture, Sports and Education of Jeju-do, said, “This year’s Provincial Sports Festival will be prepared without a hitch so that it can be reborn as a representative festival that combines sports, culture, and new technology with sports spirit cultivation and provincial harmony.” We urge you to watch and support us.”