“The Youngest Mannequin’s Rebellion” Oh Jae-hyun, 3 stores in the final. SK Biggest Watershed Champ 5th Game 66-60 Win. ‘Match-up zone’, not ‘drop zone’

It was a rebellion of the “youngest mannequins”. At the biggest watershed in the series, Seoul SK Oh Jae-hyun finished. SK held the 2022-2023 SKT Adot

Pro Basketball Championship (7th) held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 3rd. In Game 5, Anyang KGC was defeated 66 to 60.

SK,스포츠토토 who recorded 3 wins and 2 losses, captured Game 5 of the biggest watershed in this series and won only 1 game out of the remaining 2 games to win 2 consecutive championships.

SK’s Jamil Warney (18 points, 15 rebounds) and Kim Seon-hyung (16 points) continued to perform, but the most impactful player was Oh Jae-hyeon (14 points), who made three 3-point shots. The last 3 shots were the key to victory. Park was the perfect final scorer.

KGC had Omari Spellman (23 points, 11 rebounds), Oh Se-geun (14 points), Byun Jun-hyeong (15 points), but only 5 out of 24 3-point shots were successful (3-point shot success rate 20.8%). SK’s regional defense struggled throughout the game.

Let’s look at Game 4. SK won a meaningful victory. Transformation was made to the starting lineup. Leon Williams came out first, and backup players were the main focus. Jameel Warney and Kim Seon-hyeong adjusted their stamina. , A paving stone for intensive use of the match.

Here, a 3-2 drop zone was used in the middle of the game (a defense in which the top player drops while going to the bottom of the goal in the form of a 3-2 regional defense). KGC did not respond properly. He won a complete victory while relieving the physical burden of the cores including .

In the case of Kim Seon-hyeong, he had to block Abando in the system, but because Abando’s activity and attack power were good, there was a lot of pressure on the defense. However, he was able to save his health by using the 3-2 drop zone.

In addition, KGC had a great effect on SK as Spellman and Moon Seong-gon could not actively participate in the attack. In the end, SK, which reduced the limits of objective power by giving up the 3rd and 4th games, was able to lay the groundwork for a counterattack.

SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said before the game, “Even in the 5th game, the starting lineup is taken as a variation.” Oh Jae-hyun, Choi Seong-won, Heo Il-young, Choi Bu-kyung, and Leon Williams appeared. KGC coach Kim Sang-sik said, “We have prepared a preparation for the 3-2 drop zone. After winning the 4th game in a row, there was a bit of complacency. I also pointed out this part.” Round 5 was held.

▶1st Quarter = Mannequins Youngest Rebellion

The 1st quarter of Game 5 was the most important in the entire series. In terms of war, it was the most strategic point.

If KGC took the 1st quarter flow, there was a high chance that the series would tilt. However, if SK endures the first quarter well, it can maximize the use of Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, who are the winners of the 5th game.

SK’s problem was offense. It is a situation without Kim Sun-hyung and Warnie. There is no particular problem with the defense, but there could be a problem with the attack if the deformation was applied.

‘The youngest of the mannequins’ advanced. No, the youngest is different. Sunhyung Kim is ‘Mannequin 4’. Right before the semi-final against LG, Lee Kwan-hee said, “SK defenders are like mannequins to me.” Choi Seong-won, Choi Won-hyuk, and Oh Jae-hyun became mannequins 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

‘Mannequin 3’ Oh Jae-hyun did not play a big role in the championship match. It’s because of shooting hunting. However, this day was different. Successive under-the-goal breakthroughs. After that, after receiving the screen, he put up to 3 points in a row. He was responsible for 10 points.

It was a really sweet performance at a strategic point. 14-8, SK’s unexpected lead.

However, KGC also broke through the offensive as Byun Jun-hyung, who was sluggish in the championship match, diligently broke through the bottom of the goal. He went on a two-to-two chase with Oh Se-geun and scored up to 3 points.

In SK, Kim Seon-hyung and Warney were replaced with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. Sunhyung Kim’s 3 stores. However, KGC also scored 2 tips from Oh Se-geun’s offensive rebound and 3 points from Spellman. However, with 1.0 seconds left, Kim Gun-hyung scored 3 points. 23-22, KGC’s one-point lead. First of all, SK’s modified lineup was a success in the 5th game following the 4th game.

2nd quarter = drop zone? Ha ha ha This time it’s the match-up zone.

SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “There is nothing more to squeeze.” In fact, it seemed so. I’ve written almost everything I can.

However, there was a change this time too.

As expected, SK started with a regional defense that had a lot of fun in the 4th game.

However, it was different. The 3-2 drop zone is a defense in which the top player (Heo Il-young in the 2nd quarter) moves back and forth between the low post and the high post around the rim in the 3-2 regional defense format.

However, this time SK was in a 3-2 matchup zone. The match-up zone is a modified tactic of zone defense and one-on-one match-up in which the ball handler actively marks a defender up to his own zone, and then takes over to the defender in that zone when the ball handler goes to another zone.

The method of destruction is fundamentally similar, but the targeting point is different.

In other words, it was the preparation of SK coach Jeon Hee-chul, who predicted that KGC would come out with a pattern in preparation for the drop zone in Game 4, and then modified it again. In the end, KGC was scoreless until 4 minutes and 52 seconds left in the second quarter. In the process, Spellman did not play the promised play and threw an unreasonable 3-point airball. Oh Se-geun looked annoyed. It was worth it. In order to break SK’s regional defense in Game 4, we had to attack with a higher probability, but we failed to do so. Spellman’s 3’s were good to go in, but he had a bad shooting selection that was extremely negative if he didn’t.

On the other hand, SK widened the score by 10 points as Heo Il-young’s mid jumper and Kim Sun-hyung’s 3-pointer burst. KGC put Monroe in place of Spellman, but it came a bit late. Bae Byung-Jun’s 3-pointer broke the flow, but SK immediately called the operation time and cut off the pursuit flow in advance. KGC strengthened the defense, but the offense did not work out. Both teams were extremely defensive and struggled to the extreme. Warney fired a frontal 3-pointer with 11.8 seconds left.

In the end, SK’s ‘another regional defense’ completely changed the flow in the second quarter. In the first half, SK completely took the lead. KGC has two subtle weaknesses. ‘Mechanical’ KGC’s motion offense and Spellman’s outer center attack. It is not easy to exploit this weakness. As much as that, KGC is solid and seasoned. However, SK revealed the bare face of KGC’s two weaknesses with a 3-2 match-up zone that caught the opponent off guard.

41-28, SK’s lead by 13 points. KGC only scored 5 points in the 2nd quarter.

▶3rd Quarter = KGC’s Awakening

In SK, Oh Jae-hyeon and Choi Seong-won were reintroduced, and Kim Seon-hyung started from the bench.

KGC put in Byun Jun-hyung, Abando, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, and Spellman.

KGC maximized their defensive concentration. spilled out of the movement. Moon Seong-gon and Byun Jun-hyeong broke through the rim, and Spellman’s mid-jumper passed the rim one after another.

It was not easy for SK to break through the offensive line. Proprietary Warney’s 1-on-1 floater goes through the rim. But, nothing more.

Byun Jun-hyung and Spellman’s neat 2v2. Byun Jun-hyung broke through the bottom of the goal, and Spellman’s 3 points were successful. The reason why KGC is scary is because of the offensive and defensive balance of the main players. As we focused on defense, rebounds and steals were strengthened. When SK’s set offense rate dropped without Kim Seon-hyung, it was like a storm with an early offense. 43-40, chased by 3 points. For 3 minutes and 12 seconds after the start of the 3rd quarter, KGC focused on 12 points, and SK only scored 2 points. Operation time of SK.

Kim Seon-hyung was put in. However, KGC’s momentum continued. Abando’s heavy block shot. Transition early offense right away. Oh Se-geun’s second break shot under the goal.

Kim Seon-hyung’s breakthrough was blocked again. Abando’s quick dunk succeeded in reversing. Heo Il-young’s open 3 points with SK’s quick pass. Spellman responded with a mid jumper, tying the score 46-46. 5 minutes and 10 seconds left.

It was a power battle from now on. The decibels of the cheering squad for both teams at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium, which is recording sold-out cases every day, were at their peak.

From this point on, it was a one-point fight until the end of the third quarter. reversal and reversal. Close marks that did not give an inch of gap, and a physical fight to the point of worrying about injuries continued.

In the end, the fierce 3rd quarter match ended with Byun Jun-hyung and Kim Sun-hyung scoring 2 free throws. 52-51, SK’s lead by 1 point.

▶ 4th Quarter = Oh Jae-hyeon finished

SK’s regional defense again. KGC didn’t listen to the mid jumper. SK’s attack also seldom broke through.

Oh Se-geun’s mid jumper. Byun Jun-hyung’s fast-breaking layup shot by steel passed through the rim. Then, this time Kim Seon-hyeong broke through, but Abando made a block shot. The difference in height was evident.

2 points, KGC lead. Now, it has become a time and place where small variables affect victory or defeat like the ‘butterfly effect’. Moon Seong-gon’s excessive offensive rebound was involved, and he got into foul trouble. variable has occurred.

Oh Se-geun went into the bench for a while. It was to control the stamina of the winner. Han Seung-hee appeared on the court. With 4 minutes and 41 seconds remaining.

After Warney’s spin move, Floater and Spellman fouled out. Basket count 3-point play. 57-57, tied.

Let’s clear up the situation. SK used a 3-2 matchup zone. KGC’s attack certainly couldn’t break through. There was no 3-point shot, and it was a score by Spellman, Byun Jun-hyung, or Oh Se-geun.

SK was the same in attack. Kim Seon-hyung’s 3-point shot was short, and Warney’s one-on-one strategy seemed to be the only way. Warney’s three-point play in this situation was invaluable.

In KGC, Seong-Gon Moon and Abando’s corner 3 stores failed one after another. KGC’s backcourt was late. Kim Seon-hyung’s quick attack, 60-58, succeeded in reversing. Operation time of KGC.

At this time, another meaningful play came out. Spellman’s three-pointer missed. On the other hand, in SK, Warney again succeeded in a 1-1 floater, 62-58, with a 4-point difference.

It was the moment when the analysis that SK could gain a little more advantage in the match was realized in a close match situation.

However, KGC was seasoned. the meaning came out. Oh Se-geun is the mid jumper. turned the flow again. The problem was the outer shell of KGC. Byun Jun-hyung and Abando’s 3 stores failed to pass the rim.

SK’s lead by 2 points. A stalemate in which both teams cannot break through the attack. Oh Jae-hyun’s bold breakthrough on the court. The layup shot failed, but earned a foul. 1 ball failed. District 2 is a success.

1 minute and 16 seconds before the end of the game, when 1 point was so important. 63-60, SK’s 3-point lead.

Byun Junhyung and Spellman’s Pick & Pop. 3 stores missed. At this time, SK was Kim Seon-hyung’s drive and kick. It was caught by Oh Jae-hyun in the corner. climbed confidently. pass through the rim intact. Victory and defeat ended here. SK Oh Jae-hyun finished it.