“The words that I couldn’t bear to run…” KEPCO’s Ha Seung-woo’s fighting spirit touched the command tower

Professional volleyball coach Kwon Young-min of KEPCO showed his appreciation for starting setter Ha Seung-woo, who is showing his fighting spirit from injury.

On the 13th, the 2022-2023 Dodram V-League men’s round 4 match between KEPCO and OK Financial Group was held at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do. Before the game, coach Kwon praised, “Thanks to (Ha) Seung-woo, the attack has gained strength and the anxiety has decreased.”안전놀이터

On the 10th, KEPCO won against Woori Card after a full set battle and broke the chain of 9 consecutive losses. After the Samsung Firefighting on November 29 last year, a valuable victory in 42 days prepared a starting point for a rebound.

Field Marshal Seung-Woo Ha’s fighting spirit for injury was dazzling. Ha Seung-woo, who recently suffered a fractured finger, took the lead in escaping from a losing streak by leading the team’s attack.

It was unclear whether he would participate, but Ha Seung-woo’s will was strong. Director Kwon said, “(Ha) Seung-woo, who didn’t have bones attached, was about to say, ‘Can you run?’

Ha Seung-woo is still not fully recovered, but he will participate in today’s game as well. Director Kwon explained Ha Seung-woo’s condition, “It’s in an improving phase, but the bones aren’t all attached.”

It is a determination to continue the winning streak after ending a long losing streak recently. Director Kwon said, “The atmosphere is not particularly different from when I was losing in a row.”

On the 8th, outside hitter Song Myeong-geun returned from military service to the opposing team, OK Financial Group, and strengthened their power. Regarding Song Myeong-geun, director Kwon emphasized, “(Song) Myung-geun did well even before he went to the army. But it is more important for him to stop Leo than Myeong-geun.” At the same time, he expressed his vigilance, saying, “It shouldn’t be possible for Myeong-geun to explode, but I came out after thoroughly analyzing it to prevent it.”