‘The turning point has turned!’ Revisiting the first half of KBL THE MOMENT

Let’s look back at the best moments of the heated KBL first half.

The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball has already finished the first half. While the fierce ranking battle continued, there were more things to see than ever at the basketball court with fans. If so, let’s take a look at the moment that splendidly embroidered the first half. 

‘Adu Legend’ Kang Byung-hyeon and Jung Young-sam’s retirement ceremony The

season started and two legends who dominated an era were sent away. The main character is Kang Byeong-hyeon’s power analysis and Jung Young-sam’s commentator. Kang Byung-hyun’s power analysis debuted in 2008 at Incheon Etland (now Daegu Korea Gas Corporation), and later Jeonju KCC, Anyang KGC, and finished his career at Changwon LG. After moving to KCC, he led the playoff championships in the 2008-2009 season and 2010-2011 season, becoming the best guard in KBL, and contributing to the first integrated championship in 2016-2017 during the KGC era. He has maintained a thick fan base not only for his skills but also for his good looks, and is currently building a second life as an LG Power Analyst.Commentator Jung Young-sam debuted at E-Land in 2007 and spent his career wearing only one team’s uniform. If you look at the recent trend in which franchise stars are gradually decreasing, it is even more remarkable. He left a record of 600 appearances, which is the 17th issue in KBL history, and is currently returning to his court as a commentator for SPOTV to entertain fans. 스포츠토토

‘History itself’ Laguna’s 5th all-time 10,000 points

Laguna (KCC), who is walking the path of a legend, achieved a record of 10,000 points in the fifth match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at Gunsan Wolmyeong Gymnasium on December 29 last year. This is a record that La Gun-ah, who made his first selection in the 2012 foreign player draft, achieved after 530 games. La Gun-ah, who has already surpassed Seo Jang-hoon in the career rebound category and ranked first (5879), set another record. Considering that Jihoon Ham, who is next to Laguna as an active player, has 7518 points, this is a record that is hard to see for the time being. Laguna’s activity is still ongoing. He overcame concerns of ups and downs early this season and is on an upward curve, averaging 28 minutes and 39 seconds per game, averaging 17.2 points, 12.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists.

‘Three-point shot syndrome’ Jeon Seong-hyun’s record-breaking march

The biggest topic in the KBL this season is Jeon Seong-hyun (Carrot). In the match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held on the 9th at the Goyang Gymnasium, he achieved a record that no one had ever achieved, ‘KBL’s first 16 games with 3 or more 3-pointers in a row’. It exceeded the previous record of 15 games achieved by former LG coach Cho Seong-won. In addition to this record, the streak of 3-pointers in 72 consecutive games continues. He has currently made 128 3-pointers, with a success rate of 43.4%. He made 89, and the gap with Omari Spellman (KGC), who is in second place, is even more surprising. At the current pace, 200 3-pointers in a season for the first time in history is worth the challenge.

Basketball Youngshin, the representative event of KBL, which returned to the arms of fans after 3 years, was

held on the 31st of last year at the Wonju Gymnasium with a match between Wonju DB and Jeonju KCC. Basketball Young Shin is an event prepared by KBL to welcome the New Year on the night of December 31, and was first introduced in 2016, and the title is a combination of ‘Song Gu Young Shin’ and ‘Basketball’. In the meantime, it was not held due to Corona 19, and it was held in 3 years and returned to the arms of fans. In particular, it drew more attention as it was the first visit to Wonju by Heo Ung (KCC), who transferred from DB to KCC ahead of this season. DB won the game 102-90. 

After the game, interviews were conducted with the players’ wishes for the New Year. Afterwards, with a countdown at 12 o’clock, a bell shaped like a basketball was rung to announce the start of the new year. It wasn’t just this. KBL’s first indoor drone show drew admiration from fans. On this day, 4,100 people entered the basketball court, forming a crowd of 10,000, and fans and players celebrated the New Year in a special way at the basketball court.

After finishing the first half, KBL will have an all-star break and start the remaining second half with a match between Wonju DB and Changwon LG at the Wonju Gymnasium on the 17th. Let’s look forward to seeing what kind of image he will be able to capture in the second half of the season.