The sure-to-win attack card to show ‘Clinsman’s true color’

Segye Ilbo
The sure-to-win attack card to show ‘Clinsman’s true color’
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Announcement of the new national team roster for A match on

the 5th Peru on the 16th, El Salvador on the 20th
K-League 1 Joo Min-gyu, Presence Cho
Kyu-seong, escaping from a long slump in front of the coach
Interested in who will be the frontline striker
Missing Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon Defensive line
U-20 WC active Kim Ji-soo, etc.

Jurgen Klinsmann What does ‘attack soccer’스포츠토토 of the Korean national soccer team coach look like?

On the 5th, head coach Klinsman will announce the new national team roster for the June evaluation match. The new national team will play an A match against Peru in Busan on the 16th and El Salvador in Daejeon on the 20th. Unlike the first season, where the reverberation of ‘Bentuho’ remains, this national team is expected to retain the color of coach Klinsman. On March 8, coach Klinsman formed the first national team centered on players who participated in the 2022 World Cup five days after stepping on Korean soil and faced Colombia and Uruguay. Afterwards, coach Klinsman personally toured Europe after the A match in March to check on foreign players and watched K-League matches in order to create the national team he thought of.

Hwang Eui-jo (left), Cho Kyu-seong, Ju Min-gyu, Lee Seung-woo
The position that draws the most attention is the offensive line. This is because coach Klinsman is a legendary striker and foreshadowed hot attacking football to the extent that he said, ‘If I score 3 goals, I will score 4 goals’. Coach Klinsman chose Oh Hyun-gyu (22, Celtic), Cho Kyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk), and Hwang Ui-jo (31, Seoul) at his first call-up. Manager Klinsman started Cho Kyu-seong in his debut match against Colombia and Ui-jo Hwang in the match against Uruguay, but these two failed to show a powerful appearance. Two of the three goals scored in the two games were scored by Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) and the rest by Hwang In-beom (27, Olympiacos).

In this situation, Joo Min-gyu (33, Ulsan) is waiting for Klinsman’s call, showing unchanging performance in the K-League. Joo Min-gyu, the K-League 1 scorer in the 2021 season, scored 17 goals with Cho Kyu-seong last season, but failed to make it to the World Cup. As if trying to shake off this regret, Joo Min-gyu is making a big success, scoring 8 goals while Hwang Eui-jo and Cho Kyu-seong only scored 2 goals in the league. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo emphasized, “I don’t know how (coach Klinsman) will evaluate Joo Min-gyu, but his performance is better than any central striker.”

Cho Kyu-seong, who had been disappointed throughout the season, showed his presence by showing a room in front of coach Klinsman. In the match against Ulsan held on the 3rd at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium in Jeonbuk, Cho Kyu-seong scored a goal for the first time in 3 months with a picturesque header. Cho Kyu-seong, who tasted the goal in a game that coach Klinsman watched himself, laughed and said, “There has been talk of sluggishness in the meantime, but I hope coach Klinsman only takes good care of it.” Jeonbuk defeated Ulsan 2-0 in the match.

In the midfield, Lee Seung-woo (25, Suwon FC) is showing his passion for winning the national team. Suwon FC won 2-1 in the match against Suwon Samsung held at Suwon World Cup Stadium, and Lee Seung-woo came on as a substitute in the 10th minute of the second half and ran across the ground. In particular, Lee Seung-woo showed off his more mature skills by driving the ball and running 45m in the 41st minute, hitting a sharp shot. Lee Seung-woo, who has not been able to wear the Taegeuk mark since the evaluation match with Iran in June 2019, said, “The reason I want to improve in every game is because I want to become a national team member,” and said, “I will always do my best and wait.”

Manager Klinsman also needs to build a new defensive line. ‘Iron pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) entered the training center for basic military training on June 15 and was unable to play in the evaluation match, and Kim Young-kwon (33, Ulsan), who was guarding the rear with Kim Min-jae, was unable to join due to a thigh injury. am. Kwon Kyung-won (31, Gamba Osaka) and Park Ji-su (29, Portimonense) are expected to fill the void of the two players, and Kim Ji-su (19, Seongnam), who is active in the U-20 World Cup, is also a surprise selection. is being predicted”