The story of ‘Impressive Carrot’ ends here… I wish I could meet a better owner

 The impressive Carrot story ends here.

The short season journey of Goyang Carrot has come to an end. Carrot lost in the 4th game of the men’s professional basketball semifinal playoff against Anyang KGC held on the 19th and failed to advance to the championship match with a series record of 1:3.

It was not an easy fight. His stamina was exhausted by playing 안전놀이터the 6th round playoff against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis until the 5th game. Here, KGC was a strong team that won the regular league championship. Nevertheless, he won a surprise victory in the second game, and produced a great game that almost caught the third game.

Fans applauded the fighting spirit of the Carrot team, saying it was ‘impressive Carrot’. Fans were better than the irresponsible Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, which had already given up on the management of the club. For players who couldn’t even eat properly because they didn’t have money, they collected money from ten o’clock and gave lunch boxes and coffee as gifts. The team tried to take one more step out of gratitude.

Although he set foot on the KBL stage with ambition this season, he was criticized for managing the club, which is hard to believe as a professional, such as not paying the subscription fee on time and the players’ salaries being delayed. The naming sponsor, Carrot Insurance, cut a loss early in the season, saying that only paying money would damage their image. Still, through the playoff impressions, the name Carrot became known as the ‘power of positivity’ to many people. It seems to be able to lessen the feeling of sorry.

And why is Carrot’s fighting spirit so important? This is because it can have a big impact on their new team search. What kind of owner would want to own a team that collapses helplessly in the playoffs? However, considering the grit and star quality of the Carrot players shown in this playoff, and the leadership of manager Kim Seung-gi, there is a high possibility that more places wanting to take over the club will emerge. Jeon Sung-hyun, who has been reborn as the best shooter in the KBL, and Lee Jung-hyun, who has grown into a guard who will carry the future KBL through this playoff, deserves to be greedy to own them.

Also, even if you are acquired, you need to find a new home in the best conditions possible. A second Carrot incident should not occur. Rather than a place that plans to operate a club with a scenario that is far from KBL reality, a large company that can stably support the club or a company with solid internal stability is needed. Choices with many risk factors, such as getting paid here and receiving money there, like this carrot system, should now be avoided.

Of course it’s not easy. The game is not good. It should be considered that there are almost no new companies to be founded at a time when professional teams that already exist are on the verge of being sold. Because of this, KBL, which was obsessed with maintaining 10 teams, opened the door to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering too easily. One mistake is enough. It is time for KBL and all basketball players to step out and be cautious. First of all, the players did everything they could.