‘The King Has Come’ Incheon Shin Jin-ho, “Excited and heart-thumping… Winning within 3 years”

Shin Jin-ho revealed his aspirations.

On the 14th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the 7th media camp for the 2023 K-League winter field training at the Changwon International Hotel located in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. Incheon United participated, and Shin Jin-ho was present at the press conference.

Incheon had the best year last season. Under the direction of coach Cho Seong-hwan, the team continued their unstoppable rise by uniting tightly. As a result, they finished 4th in the K-League 1 and vomited the spirit of winning the right to advance to the AFC Champions League (ACL). It was the happiest ending for Incheon fans.

Incheon started to reinforce the storm as much as it went to the ACL. They recruited Mpoku, Zerso, Chun Seong-hun, Kwon Jin-jin, and Kim Yeon-soo, and succeeded in having Shin Jin-ho, the ‘king of the end’. No long explanation needed. By bringing in the best midfielder in the K-League, the midfield combination of ‘Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo’ was formed.

Shin Jin-ho said, “I am very excited to join a team called Incheon. It is true that I am looking forward to it.” I want to try it,” he said.

[Below, Q&A with Shin Jin-ho]

Q. Impressions

“I am very excited to join a team called Incheon. It is true that I am looking forward to it. Whenever I go to Incheon, the cheers of the fans always remain in my memory. I felt that we were going. After I joined, I look forward to seeing how well we will perform and show good performance to the fans.”

Q. Prediction of league ranking

“Incheon finished the league in 4th place last year. There is no set ‘how many places we can do’, but I think we will do better than last year.”

Q. Joining the citizen team from a corporate team (Pohang, Seoul, Ulsan), what is different

“I didn’t feel a big change. The clubhouse was completed and the infrastructure was well established. Also, there are many staff working on our team. It has such a good framework that I can’t feel it. I didn’t feel it at all. CEO Jeon Jeon-soo supports me more than any other corporate club. It touched me as an opportunity to decide on a team. I don’t feel much about the citizen team.”

Q. Working with Lee Myung-joo

“I was excited before I came. It was true that I thought, ‘When will we be able to play soccer together again?’ There is a player who only thinks about what to do. Lee Myung-joo thinks about what I will do. I am the same way. Over time, I will get better in terms of breathing. In Incheon, not only Lee Myung-ju, but also many good players, so let’s create positive synergy. I want to create an atmosphere.”

Q. The decisive moment that made you come to Incheon (Lee Myung-joo?)

“It had a big impact. And last year, when we met at official events such as Media Day, the coach said half-jokingly and half-seriously that he was recruiting over 35-year-olds. Yes. It was a fun memory. When I came to Incheon, there were various negotiations, and I had a lot of worries before a decision was made. I also had contact with various teams토토사이트. It was because of the passionate fans that I came to Incheon. It was always memorable. Also, Being able to play soccer again with Lee Myung-ju also played a big role.”

Q. Meeting with director Cho Seong-hwan

“Before that, I didn’t know the director that much. Even before I came, I didn’t really ask. Right before I came, Myung-joo contacted me. At that time, I asked, ‘What are you planning to do next?’ Then, when asked, “Can I go?”, Myung-joo said, “Come and relax.” I want to create an overcoming season.”

Q. The secret to getting better and better

“I always believe that I can improve. Resting, thinking, and living in balance. Last year, I think a lot of love and praise made me whip myself.”

Q. Gyeongin Derby before the opening

“It’s been a long time since I left (Seoul). It’s a team with very good memories. There were also difficult memories in the last season. Sangam went to Ulsan, Pohang, and even when they were in the army, on away trips. Seoul also has good abilities. We have a lot of equipped players. We are looking forward to this season, but the most important thing is how we do against Seoul in the first match in Sangam. Above all, we are preparing to win.”

Q. Image from the transfer (rival team and Incheon)

“Maybe I look like a crazy person. Also, I came to Incheon from Pohang. The fans will feel sorry for them and they will not feel good. I know very well that it is affection as a person before a player. I think that a player must have a heart for the team in various situations. Team When I left, I kept my principles and tried to make a choice that did not go against those principles. That principle is what makes my heart race. That’s why I came to Incheon through a transfer.”

Q. Kim Seung-dae’s remarks at the media camp

“I think he said that because Kim Seung-dae made a claim. (Laughs) He is a junior I really like and I want him to do well. It can be burdensome on the one hand to say such a thing as a captain. I think I will come out well prepared. I don’t want to say, ‘I want to meet Pohang and win.’ would.”

Q. Conveying ‘principle’ in conversation with director Kim Ki-dong

“I didn’t convey the principles to the coach. It seems that there is nothing else that was not conveyed during the negotiation process. I saw many interviews with the director and expressed his regret. In terms of work, even if I choose Incheon, I shouldn’t criticize that part. I think it’s okay. I understand your feelings of sadness because I have a humane bond with the director. If you say you’re sad, I want to meet you anytime and say I’m sorry.”

“After that, I couldn’t talk to you. He doesn’t answer the phone. I’m not a friendly person, but I want to say hello when I see you at the stadium. I am grateful and I feel sorry for the transfer.”

Q. This year’s goal

“My personal goal is to have more than 10 attack points. The most important thing is for the players who transferred to Incheon to adapt well, not just me. Also, how much synergy with good players is important. It’s my first time in the ACL. As much as I go out, I want to show that Incheon is competitive not only in the domestic league but also against foreign teams.”

Q. Last year plan

“I signed a 3-year contract with Incheon. I want to try to win the championship in Incheon. It may not be this year, but I think it’s possible as long as the atmosphere and mind of the club, coaches, players, and fans are like this. I really like this atmosphere. I hope that this atmosphere will continue unbroken in the future so that the Incheon team can grow and become a citizen’s team. I came to Incheon with a new mindset.”

Q. Inspired player

“I like Modric. I saw Modric play during the last World Cup. He is a world-class player and without management, such quality cannot come out. I tend to have courage and hope while watching them.”

Q. ACL predictions

“I felt good when Ulsan won the championship, and I cried when Pohang beat Ulsan in the semifinals. It was unexpected, so it was better than winning. Incheon’s current squad is better than when Pohang went to the finals. There are surprises and variables in the ACL. Teams that are in the mood in the tournament are scary. If you go beyond the preliminaries and get in the mood, you will be able to go up.”