The 5th team… Flowering Journeyman at 30 → Will the Legend of Compensation Player Continue? “Another Opportunity”

 I changed my uniform 5 times in the last 10 years. But Journeyman is also a Journeyman. Now, he has risen as a player who is expected to be part of the Pilseung group.

The KIA Tigers team left for the 2023 season spring camp to be held in Tucson, USA via Incheon International Airport on the 30th. 스포츠토토

Kim Dae-yu wore a KIA uniform as a compensation player for FA catcher Park Dong-won. It is the 5th team following Nexen Heroes, SK Wyverns, KT Wiz, and LG Twins. At this point, he deserves to be regarded as the KBO League’s representative travel man.

It is different from the past, which was floating around like floating grass. In 2021, when he turned 30, he reached his potential by recording 4 wins, 1 loss and an ERA of 2.13 with 24 holds. Last year, he played 39⅔ innings in 59 games and played an active part in the bullpen with 2 wins, 1 loss and an average ERA of 2.27 with 13 holds. He was named as a reward player in recognition of his worth.

Kim Dae-yu, whom I met before leaving the country, smiled brightly, saying, “I moved to Gwangju the day before yesterday, so I’m out of my mind right now.” He moved to a new team, but his smile showed confidence rather than strain or trembling.

Immediately after his nomination as a reward player, he immediately visited Gwangju and exchanged greetings with the club’s leadership. Regarding the Kia Champions Field in Gwangju, “the indoor training ground is very spacious and nice. I plan to come out often and exercise even on days off,” while saying, “It was really good because the club’s bus was premium. There were curtains for every seat,” he couldn’t hide his excitement.

He was full of enthusiasm. He emphasized, “I will become close with everyone. (Kim Jong-guk) coach, I want to get close with the coaches first. The same goes for the players.”

Now is the stage to get acquainted with the players. Kim Dae-yu explained, “There are a lot of juniors, and thank you for coming and talking to me first. We’ve only met for a day or two, but there won’t be any big problems in adapting.” He repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic support of KIA fans.