Synergy between KIA Hwang Dae-in and Byun Woo-hyeok? Choi Hyeong-woo and Kim Sun-bin, let’s cheer up from the seniors

 In the end, seniors have to work hard.

KIA is at the bottom of the shock with 3 wins and 8 losses. The other line is the problem. Last with 0.238 team batting average, lowest with 4 home runs, lowest with 26 team runs batted in, lowest with team slugging percentage 0.298, lowest with team on-base percentage 0.310, and lowest team scoring batting average with 0.178.

It is true that Seong-Beom Na and Do-Young Kim have a big gap, 메이저사이트and the feeling of hitting of the remaining players is also sluggish. Except for Ryu Ji-hyeok, who scored 0.344, there is no player who hits 30%. In particular, Byun Woo-hyuk, who was recruited through trade with high expectations, is sluggish with a batting average of 0.182, 1 home run, 2 RBIs and 3 runs in 9 games.

Ultimately, it is most important for Byun Woo-hyuk and Hwang Dae-in to create synergy in the center lineup for the KIA lineup to gain strength. The purpose of the trade last fall was to develop Byun Woo-hyeok as the next-generation central batsman. It is evaluated that the defense is unstable, but through the spring camp, it was evaluated that it was not that bad.

Manager Kim Jong-guk thought of Byeon Woo-hyuk as third base and Hwang Dae-in as first base, and actually started them. However, Byun Woo-hyeok’s batting pace did not improve, and Ryu Ji-hyeok took third base. However, Byun Woo-hyuk and Hwang Dae-in can coexist as designated hitters and first basemen. This is because Choi Hyeong-woo can defend the outfield at any time.

However, Byun Woo-hyeok is not yet a proven player in the first team, and Hwang Dae-in lacks experience to save a team that runs at the bottom. The best scenario would be for both giant cannons to explode at the same time, but it would be difficult to put too much pressure on them.

In the end, considering the atmosphere and flow of the entire team, the seniors must exert their strength. Choi Hyeong-woo, the oldest, and Kim Sun-bin, the captain, need to exert themselves. Choi Hyung-woo had 9 hits in 34 at-bats in 10 games with a batting average of 0.265, 1 home run and 4 RBIs, and Kim Sun-bin had 4 hits in 20 at-bats in 8 games with a batting average of 0.200 and 2 RBIs.

Choi Hyeong-woo has sporadic hits since his home run against Doosan in Gwangju on the 8th, but the sense of intimidation is 2% insufficient. He had hits in 7 consecutive games from the game on the 8th to Kiwoom on the 16th, but after the first home run, there was no extra-base hit with more than a double hit. At this point, there is no scenario that changes the flow of the batting line as drastically as Choi Hyeong-woo plays the role of a game changer with a long hit.

Sunbin Kim was unable to operate normally for a while due to poor footwork on his left and right sides due to an ankle injury. He played defense against Hanhwa in Gwangju on the 11th, but the feeling of hitting has not yet risen. He had sporadic hits, but on the 16th, the Gocheok Kiwoom match was blocked by Choi Won-tae’s power and finished with no hits. The scoring position is also not good at 0.167.

Kim Seon-bin is a veteran who can play a role that suits him wherever he puts his name, from table setter to center hitter and bottom hitter. He is a top second baseman in the KBO League with averages and clutch abilities. It is a type that can actually serve as a lubricant if you increase the feeling of hitting. Once the best ones brace themselves, he can expect to escape the worst flow.