Surprising rumors of MVP transfer… “Philadelphia has no intention of trading Embiid”

Philadelphia’s faith in Embiid is solid.스포츠토토

Keith Pompey, a reporter dedicated to the Philadelphia 76ers belonging to ‘The Philadelphia Inquirer’, reported on Joel Embiid on the 27th (Korean time).

After the Allen Iverson era ended, the most popular player in Philadelphia was Joel Embiid. After an extreme rebuild that advocated ‘Trust the Process’, Philadelphia made a new edition with a lot of controversy, and the player at the center was Embiid.

Embiid has grown into one of the best players in the league, as the Philadelphia club expected. After finishing second in the regular season MVP voting for his second year in a row, this season he finally won his first MVP award. It is the first MVP in Philadelphia in 22 years since Iverson (2001).

However, the Philadelphia of the Embiid era is not performing satisfactorily. Philadelphia has been on the playoff stage for six consecutive years since the 2017-2018 season, when Embiid started to get on track, but all of them were supporting roles.

In six playoffs, Embiid has never made the Conference Finals. This season, which won the MVP, was also blocked by the wall of Boston, which is a natural enemy relationship based on the playoff standard. Of the 5 second-round eliminations, he suffered three defeats in the 7th round.

Joel Embiid & Philadelphia’s playoff challenge history
2018: 2nd round elimination (vs Boston 1-4)
2019: 2nd round elimination (vs Toronto 3-4)
2020: 1st round elimination (vs Boston 4 losses)
2021: 2nd round elimination (vs Atlanta 3-4)
2022: 2nd round elimination (vs Miami 2-4)
2023: 2nd round elimination (vs Boston 3 4 wins)

The problem is that Embiid cannot be free from responsibility for Philadelphia’s playoff atrocities. Embiid is one of the representative players whose influence is less influential than in the regular season once he goes up to the playoffs. There are many cases where he has not been able to show his normal skills due to ongoing injury issues. This is Embiid, who was injured during the playoffs for the last three seasons in a row.

The same goes for this season. Embiid kept his head down with a playoff average of 23.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, a 43.1% field goal rate, and a 3-point success rate of 17.9%. The scoring machine that dominated the regular season was missing, and he was completely defeated in the fight for pride against Jayson Tatum, who played the role of an ace at a crucial moment. It was a series that could not be blamed on anyone.

That is why it was pointed out that Philadelphia, which continues to taste failure, needs change. Philadelphia is likely to opt out of James Harden in time for the summer transfer window. It is the point where they can go into a major rebuild while exporting Embiid.

Just in time, there was a report in the ‘New York Daily News’ that the New York Knicks were aiming to recruit Embiid. Being traded right after receiving the MVP could be disgraceful for Embiid personally.

However, the Philadelphia club intends to continue to accompany Embiid, who has risen to the ranks of team legends. I don’t see any intention of trading him to another team for the time being. Even if it were to trade Embiid right away, it would be difficult to obtain the corresponding value. Keeping Embiid means sticking to the Winnow route.

Reporter Pompey drew the line, “Philadelphia has no plans to trade Joel Embiid. He is an untouchable player on the current team.”

“There are people who say we should trade Embiid, but it’s not a simple matter. Embiid is the face of Philadelphia and has been instrumental in helping them win 154 games in three seasons. Of course, giving him away would give him some great players and several first round picks. But Philadelphia isn’t even close to trading a future Hall of Fame player.”

Philadelphia, which sacked Doc Rivers, is currently concentrating on appointing a coach to go with him in the new season. Who will be the leader who will work with Embiid?