Spotico “Tiger Woods, the 2nd highest earning sportsperson of all time”

Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’, ranked 2nd after Michael Jordan (above the USA), the ‘Emperor of Basketball’, among the top 50 earners in modern professional sports, and a total of 8 golf players were ranked.먹튀검증

Sportico, a sports industry news site, announced on the 8th (Korean time) the 50 highest-earning sports players of all time, including media reports and industry insider information, and reflecting inflation and other prices. Not just salary, but bonuses, prizes, purses, warranties, licenses, royalties, souvenirs, book deals, media, appearances and golf course design costs.

Jordan, an NBA star, earned 2.37 billion dollars (3.1215 trillion won in exchange rate conversion), which was 3.3 billion dollars (4.3464 trillion won) adjusted for inflation. Jordan, who is also the representative model of Nike, also owns shares in Nike.

Tiger Woods is still active. [Photo = PGA Tour Getty Image]

Woods’ income for 28 years since his professional debut in 1996 was $1.77 billion (2.33 trillion won), but the inflation-adjusted amount was $2.5 billion (3.2927 trillion won). Woods, who has accumulated 170 million dollars (224 billion won) in prize money as a player, is active.

While Jordan is retired, Woods is steadily earning income through his foundation, TGR, from designing courses and participating in events, so his $1.2 billion gap may be catching up. In particular, next year, Woods plans to start a new simulation golf tour with Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland).

Arnold Palmer, who was called ‘King’ and led the stardom of golf, came in 3rd and earned $ 885 million during his lifetime. Even after his death in 2016, Farmer’s annual income of $40 million is still being collected by his descendants.