Special Mission: Shortstop… Kim Joo-won “I’ll do it”

After 3 years of debut, he became the owner of a key position in the infield. Professional baseball NC Kim Joo-won (21) predicted an active performance as the starting shortstop.

Yesterday, which became nourishment,

joined in the 6th overall ranking in the먹튀검증 2nd round of 2021 and debuted that year. He had a batting average of 0.241 (40 hits in 166 at-bats) with 5 home runs and 16 RBIs in 69 games. The defense digested 346⅓ innings as a shortstop and 121⅓ as a second baseman. He expanded his presence last year. He had a batting average of .223 (61 hits in 273 at-bats), 10 home runs and 47 RBIs in 96 games. His batting average dropped, but he improved in home runs and runs batted in. As a shortstop, he pitched 636⅓ innings and became a key player. He added 94 innings at second base and one more at third base.

Kim Joo-won said, “Last season, I played a lot of games and there were some things I did well, but I think there were more things that I lacked. This year, he is trying to be careful not to repeat the same mistake.” “It was difficult at the end of the season when I lost my stamina,” he said. From the first day to the last day, I will try my best to play in the same condition.”

There are things I want to praise. Kim Joo-won said, “Ever since I was young, I thought defense was important. He is greedy for defense,” he said. In the first year, I was very nervous, but now I can relax. He can picture it in his head until the next play,” he said with a smile.

Concentration was outstanding in the winning position. Last season, his batting average was 0.223, but his scoring position batting average was high at 0.293 (22 hits in 75 at-bats). Kim Joo-won said, “When runners are piled up, when I go to the plate, the desire to ‘I want to solve it’ rises in my heart. He went in thinking about how to win the fight with the pitcher, and the result seemed to be good.”

◆Tomorrow to be stronger

I booked a starting shortstop for this year. Noh Jin-hyeok transferred to Lotte after the end of last season as a free agent (FA), leaving a gap. Kim Joo-won will take over the shortstop position. He is playing as a shortstop in every exhibition game. He said, “Honestly, I don’t feel pressured. He is trying to work with confidence with the thought of ‘Let’s try it once’.”

Second baseman Park Min-woo, who works with the keystone combination, stepped up as an assistant. With generous praise and advice, he gave strength to his juniors at a gap of 9 years. During the game, when Kim Joo-won talked about the defensive position, he replied “Yes, I understand” and made him smile. Kim Joo-won said, “His older brother makes me very comfortable. When he plays a double, he tells him where to go and how to throw the ball,” he said. He emphasized that he is always grateful to his brother.”

There is about a week left until the start of the regular season (April 1). The preparations are smooth and the anticipation is high. Kim Joo-won said, “In the meantime, I focused on hitting strong balls and using the lower body effectively. It seems to be going well,” he said. “I want to set a slightly larger goal this year and record a batting average of 0.280 and more than 15 home runs. I will work hard,” he promised.