Sorenstam, 72 wins in 306 LPGA tournaments… 27.7 billion won over 15 years 

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Money The player with the most prize money in the history of the PGA Tour is Tiger Woods (USA). Woods is the only PGA Tour player to have accumulated over $100 million in prize money. Then, who earned the most money on the LPGA Tour? The main 메이저놀이터character is Annika Sorenstam (Sweden), who has achieved comparable results to Woods. Sorenstam joined the LPGA Tour in 1994 and won 72 games by the time of her 2008 retirement.

Sorenstam has competed in a total of 306 events on the LPGA Tour. Through this, Sorenstam earned a total of 22,583,693 dollars (approximately 27.7 billion won). Compared to Woods, it is only about 18.68%. In second place is Carrie Webb ($20,293,617, Australia), one of Sorenstam’s rivals. Christy Kerr ($20,166,399) came in third, earning the most prize money among American players.

Among Korean players, Park In-bi is the highest in the ranking at 4th place. Inbi Park participated in 305 tournaments on the LPGA Tour and won $18,262,344 in prize money. Lydia Ko, a Korean from New Zealand who currently ranks first in the women’s golf world rankings, followed with $16,695,357. Pak Se-ri’s accumulated prize money on the LPGA Tour is $12,583,712, ranking 11th among all LPGA Tour players.

The reason why female golf players have less cumulative prize money compared to male golfers can be seen as the difference in interest in the US. In Korea, there is a lot of interest in the LPGA tour, where many Korean players, led by Pak Se-ri, have achieved outstanding results, but the United States was different. The prize money is the part that shows this most clearly.