Son Heung-min’s colleague ‘comeback to his hometown Nice’ → Tottenham’s 11th season legend, building a new career, not a player → The first step of becoming a ‘restaurant legend’ at the Mediterranean beach.

Hugo Lloris played 11 seasons in Tottenham in the English Premier League. Having joined Tottenham in 2012, he has kept Tottenham’s goal in 447 games so far this season.스포츠토토

But age couldn’t lie. 36 years old this year. It is an age past its prime. His performance has plummeted this season. He made mistakes and suffered injuries. In the end, it was reported that he would leave Tottenham after not being able to play in the game since last April.

There is still a year left on the contract, but Lloris is said to have agreed to leave the club. He has already received a transfer offer from a Saudi Arabia league team.

Lloris, who left Tottenham, is now building a new nest in Nice, France, to find a new job. He found a new job outside of playing football. He is the restaurant owner. Nice is also where Lloris was born and where he made his adult stage debut. Of course, Lloris could indeed return to OGC Nice. It’s still hopeful and there are only rumors.

Britain’s The Sun said on the 3rd that Lloris is about to make a shocking career change, and that he has become the boss of a new venture. After he became the owner of none other than a beach restaurant in the French Mediterranean, he made a shocking career change.

The exact place is a really beautiful little place that comes out when you go to Monaco along the Riviera beach in Nice, France. It is said that he opened a high-end restaurant there. Of course, it does not operate alone. It is said that he opened a restaurant as a partnership because he has no experience in the restaurant industry.

According to a report by The Sun, the restaurant consists of two separate spaces, one leading to the lounge and the other to the beach. It appears to be a fairly large restaurant.

The sudden opening of a restaurant in his hometown by Lloris is fueling rumors that he may be leaving Tottenham, The Sun said.

As mentioned earlier, Lloris is said to be considering a move to his hometown as well. “I’m still attached to Nice,” said Lloris. Lloris said last month: “I can’t comment on the specifics. Tottenham has to finish the season first,” he said, hinting that he is likely to move to Nice.

[Goalkeeper Lloris, who played 11 seasons for Tottenham, recently started a new career by opening a restaurant near his hometown of Nice, France. Joris and his wife enjoying an opening party.