Son Heung-min competitor, remarks that cross the line?… it turns out

Arnaut Danjuma was criticized for his bad behavior, but it was a misunderstanding.

On the 15th (Korean time), Danjuma left a meaningful message on his personal SNS. He stated that “it is better to be a warrior in the garden than to be a gardener in war”. Although it is a metaphorical expression, it seemed to contain the meaning of asking for a start.

Danjuma joined Tottenham on loan in the transfer window this winter. His debut goal from his first game signaled a good start, but Danjuma has not been put into the game as a starter yet.

It was an easy situation to misunderstand, as if Dan Juma, who had resentment, expressed his position using his personal SNS. This is because it was easy for him to feel dissatisfied with Son Heung-min or Dejan Kulusevski continuing to start. In the match against Leicester City, where Danzuma came as a substitute, against AC Milan, Tottenham lost helplessly.

Players transferred through the메이저사이트 winter transfer market do not have much time, so the dissatisfaction with the playing time is understandable, but it is not right to openly express this. Publicly commenting on playing time dissatisfaction has a bad effect on the team. This is because fans see it as if there is a problem between the players. Since it is a virtue to have as a professional player to get a starting position through a reasonable competition rather than forming public opinion, the fans’ eyes were not good.

However, Danjuma’s remark was one of the English proverbs. It has been confirmed that this is a saying that means that the more difficult the situation, the more prepared it is. He did not openly appeal his dissatisfaction with playing time, but expressed his will to work hard in the future.

This kind of appearance of Danjuma is enough to wash away the part that Tottenham fans were concerned about when he signed. Originally, it was because Danjuma suffered from gossip outside of the game. During his time at Villarreal, he was controversial when he mocked the veteran player by uploading a video of him scoring a goal against Raul Albiol during training on his personal social media account. It is well known that West Ham United manager David Moyes turned down the signing of Danzuma because of his mentality.