SNS that I couldn’t let go even during self-restraint… Kim Seo-hyun who openly likes, where is the reflection?

 Hanwha Eagles Kim Seo-hyun (19) once again got on the cutting board due to SNS. Doubts arose about the sincerity of ‘reflection’.

On the 6th, the online community was abuzz with Kim Seo-hyun’s SNS issue. Last month, Seohyun Kim cursed at coaches and fans by swearing on her private SNS account. He complained about the coach’s guidance and fans’ curiosity about the number.

Hanwha confirmed the truth of the post, and according to the team’s policy, suspended training for 3 days and fined. Kim Seo-hyun will not be able to participate in training until the 10th.

Coach Subero said bitterly, “I want to tell you that there is no player greater than the team,” and advised, “I hope that young Kim Seo-hyun 안전놀이터learns from this mistake and realizes something.

” I wonder if it was caught up in SNS gossip again. On the 8th, a picture of Kim Seo-hyun clicking ‘Like’ on the video posted on the club’s SNS was uploaded to the online community. The

video contains greetings from players leaving for Japan’s spring camp. Kim Seo-hyun was punished It is like publicly revealing the use of SNS in a situation.

It is difficult to conclude that it is a wrong act, but Kim Seo-hyun openly continued his activities despite the situation in which he caused problems with SNS. I canceled the ‘Like’ on the post.

‘Super Rookie’ Seohyun Kim joined Hanwha after receiving the first overall nomination in the 2023 KBO Rookie Draft. He is a super-special prospect that not only Hanwha but also the Korean baseball world is paying attention to. In his first bullpen pitching on the 6th, he drew attention by recording the highest fastball speed of 151 km / h even with 70-75% power.

However, due to the shocking SNS scandal, fans’ expectations turned into disappointment in an instant. Moreover, once again, the use of SNS causes controversy, and the meaning of self-reflection is being faded.

Social media is a personal space, but Seohyun Kim is a professional player who is classified as a public figure. There is a lot of interest and eyes toward Kim Seohyun. He’s been on a rough road before even hitting the mound in the KBO League. Along with his true reflection, he now has to carve out a sense of responsibility and weight as a professional player.