‘SNS Controversy’ Seohyun Kim “Sorry for disappointing you”

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Kim Seo-hyun, a new professional baseball player from Hanwha who caused controversy with gossip on social media, publicly apologized to fans and teammates.

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Kim Seo-hyun left abusive language to the coaches and fans on her private social media account.

As this fact became known, he was immediately excluded from the US training ground by the club, and was fined 5 million won and banned from group training for 3 days.

He issued a public apology ahead of his메이저사이트 return to training today.

[Kim Seo-Hyun/Hanwha]
“From now on, I will work even harder, and I will work harder to bring the team atmosphere back. I am really very sorry.”

He bowed his head to his fans, saying, “There is no excuse for this incident, and I am sorry for disappointing the fans.”

Kim Seo-hyun, who drew attention after joining Hanwha with the first overall pick in the rookie draft, but caused controversy even before his debut.

I hope he keeps his promise to become a mature person in the future.