‘Small market strong team’ Tampa Bay appears as an investor hoping to take over

The Tampa Bay Race, which has overcome the limitations of the small market and has been reborn as a strong team, has begun to attract investors who show interest.

‘The Athletic’ quoted an anonymous source on the 21st and said that the race is attracting the attention of several investors. Among them, there are investors related to the Tampa Bay area, and businessmen from other areas who want to attract major league clubs.

They mentioned Dan Doyle Jr.,메이저놀이터 a local entrepreneur who serves as the chief executive officer of DEX Imaging, an office supplies supplier.

The Tampa Bay Rays are currently promoting the construction of a new soccer field. Photo =ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
Tampa Bay currently has a lease contract with its home stadium, Tropicana Field, which ends after the 2027 season. After that, it has not yet been decided. Considering the time to prepare the new stadium, the Rays club will have to clear their stance soon.

In the meantime, people who are interested in investing are steadily coming out. It is the result of consistently good results. Tampa Bay has advanced to the postseason for four consecutive years since 2019 and even reached the World Series in 2020. This season, he also has the highest win rate in the American League with 34 wins and 13 losses.

Currently, their top priority is to build a new stadium in the Tampa Bay area. Last January, the city of St. Petersburg was selected as a concessionaire for the development of the stadium. The goal is to build a new 30,000-seat stadium on the site of the current home stadium.

The Athletic reported that owner Stuart Sternberg is in constant negotiations with investors to raise funds for the construction of the new stadium.

If investors from other regions take over the club, there is a possibility of relocation. The Athletic expressed it as a ‘city interested in attracting new teams’ without mentioning a specific region. They are expected to pay at least $2 billion in expansion costs to the Secretariat if they start a new team. If you take over the race, you can acquire it for less than that amount. Bringing in an existing team may be a better choice than waiting for a league expansion that may happen at any time.

The Athletic predicted that Tampa Bay could be a candidate for hosting a new team if the Rays leave for another region.