‘Slugging power that surprised even the Lion King’ Lee Seong-gyu’s hot bat…’Potential Explosion’

 Seongkyu Lee’s bat won’t cool down after captivating coach Jinman Park with an explosive long-hit show in the exhibition match of ‘The Real Appeared’.

Lee Seong-gyu, who joined the Samsung Lions in the 2nd 4th round in 2016. Although he is 178 cm tall and weighs 84 kg, he is bombarding his exhibition games with natural wrist strength and bold swing. With the opening of the season just around the corner, Lee Seong-gyu, who continues to feel the hottest hitting among Samsung’s beasts, turned the bat vigorously today to become a sure starter.

Jamsil Stadium on the 25th, where the 2023 KBO League안전놀이터demonstration game between Doosan Bears and Samsung Lions was held. Even before the game, Lee Seung-yeop, a former KBO legend, and Park Jin-man’s first head-to-head match drew a lot of attention.

Among the players from both teams, Samsung Lee Seong-gyu, who is wielding a hard hit in the demonstration game, started as the first batter in the center field that day. In the 7th inning, when the team against Kiwoom was dragged 1:3 the previous day, Samsung Lee Seong-gyu pulled Kiwoom left-handed pitcher Lee Seung-ho’s first pitch, 139km two-seam fastball, and blew it over the left fence. Thanks to Lee Seong-gyu’s performance, who overcame the pressure in a tight situation and burst into a reversal three-runner, Samsung won the victory.

Samsung moved from Gocheok to Jamsil. Manager Park Jin-man advanced Seong-gyu Lee, who had been appointed as the 8th hitter the previous day, as the 1st hitter. The result is a great success. Lee Seong-kyu, who was easily dismissed with a floating ball in right field in the first inning, turned the bat without hesitation when Doosan Shin-ji Park’s first pitch, 141km fastball, came in in the third at-bat, one out and third base. The pitcher and the hitter intuitively felt that it was a home run the moment they hit it. Lee Seong-gyu showed off his presence by running a home run gun for the first pitch for two days in a row.

Coach Kang Myung-gu gave a thumbs-up with both hands to the student running the bases, and coach Kang Bong-gyu, who picked up the home run bat, welcomed the home run hitter. Lee Seong-gyu, who hit 5 homeruns only in the demonstration game, including the game that day, entered the dugout and even coach Park Jin-man and Lee Byeong-gyu came out and gave high-fives.

It was a scene that gave a glimpse of the changed position of Lee Seong-gyu, who had been tagged as a prospective player for many years after his joining.

Park Jin-man, head coach of Samsung, finished the day in a good mood with a victory in his first confrontation with Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is of the same age, with Lee Seong-gyu’s hot home run.

After a long wait, Samsung Lee Seong-gyu’s baseball, which has finally begun to see the light, begins now.