‘Score’ happy with clean performance Coach Dong-bin Koh “I’m greedy for second place, but the playoffs are more important”

On the 9th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the second round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, Liv Sanbak vs. Gen.G, was held.

On this day, Gen.G defeated Liv Sanbak and achieved 메이저놀이터 11 wins. Gen.G, who showed clean performance after a long time, shook Liv Sanbak by pressing hard from the beginning.

Head Coach ‘Score’ Go Dong-bin said in an interview with Riot’s official winner after the match, “It’s so good to win, and the first and second sets had different ban-pick concepts, but the first set rolled well slowly and the second set seemed to lead the game with a sense of speed, so I feel better.” He said of his victory. 

Regarding the competition for second place with DK, he confessed, “The second round is also nearing its end. I’m greedy for the second place, but the playoffs are not far away. Improving my performance is more important, so I’m focusing on my performance.” 

Compared to the first round, the second round definitely raised the mood. Regarding the regrettable point when comparing the first and second rounds, he said, “When I looked back on the first round, there was a part where I was not prepared well as a coach. It has improved a lot lately,” he said.

Koh, who is known to be best friends, and Yu “Ryu” Sang-wook, director of Liv Sanbak. He said ahead of this game, “Rather than talking about the game, I didn’t contact you often before the game. So ‘

Finally, he emphasized, “The upcoming opponent is Guangdong. I think Guangdong has better performance than their performance. I will prepare well with the mindset of facing a strong team.”