Samsung, Daegu Samsung Lions Park facility renovation, including replacement of VIP seats and installation of wooden decks

The Samsung Lions are preparing for this season and are renovating their facilities to improve fan service and team performance.  메이저사이트

Most notable is the replacement of VIP seats and the installation of wooden floor decks. Some of the seats were worn out and damaged, so there were not a few fans’ voices of regret. Samsung replaced the chairs imported from Spain and installed a wooden deck so fans could sit and watch the game more comfortably. 

A new electric vehicle charging facility was installed and a new locker near the ticket office was replaced to increase convenience for fans. In addition, the sidewalk block on the 3rd floor of the parking lot on the south side and the floor of the left and right outfield stands were painted. 

Some of the team’s amenities have also been renovated. In the meantime, it was possible to maintain the proper temperature of the hot and cold bath in the locker room, and additional dugout benches and bat cases were installed. Not only the home team, but also the away team facilities were renovated. The mat inside the locker room was completely changed. 

An official from the club said, “We will make more efforts to ensure that fans can watch comfortably and improve the performance of the players.