Running toward the dream, Gyeongnam Sacheon Children’s Soccer Team was born

In Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, a children’s soccer team, ‘KAI Soccer Class’ was born. The soccer team held an inauguration ceremony at the Sacheon Futsal Stadium on June 8 and began activities in earnest.메이저놀이터

KAI Soccer Class was established with the support of Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI). It was the beginning of this soccer team that I thought about after receiving requests from local organizations asking if it would be good to create a soccer team in Kai. After hearing the opinions, Park Sang-wook, head of the business management division, pushed for the creation of a children’s soccer team for local children.

The social contribution team in charge of supporting the KAI soccer class explained, “Soccer is popular, but Sacheon has few children’s soccer classes, so we created this soccer team. We want to help improve the health and physical strength of local children.” KAI supports soccer classes, soccer balls, soccer shoes, and uniforms.

The soccer team has 25 members. Twenty-five children were selected from 7 children’s centers in Sacheon and 3 group homes, among children using a total of 10 facilities. Choi Chung-il, a former soccer player, took over as the coach. Director Choi has previously coached various soccer teams such as middle and high schools and citizen soccer teams, and this time she will lead the KAI soccer class.

College players whom coach Choi has recruited as coaches help with education. They started playing for the soccer team two weeks before the foundation ceremony, and some children say they want to raise them as players because of their outstanding talents.

KAI soccer class gathers every Saturday to practice. It’s still in the beginning stage, so I’m training step by step. When the composition of the players is complete, we plan to practice with other soccer teams in the second half of the year and go to competitions.

One of the soccer team members, Jang Woo-seong, a 4th grade elementary school student, is enjoying life on the soccer team. “I don’t have a fixed position yet, but I want to play as a midfielder,” is the wish of student Jang Woo-sung. On this day, he made a playful pose in front of the camera and raised the atmosphere of the soccer team’s founding ceremony. Other soccer team members also ran around the field excitedly and enjoyed soccer.

About 90 people attended the inauguration ceremony, including Park Sang-wook, head of KAI’s business management headquarters, Park Eun-deok, secretary general of the Gyeongnam Social Welfare Community Chest, Kwon Taek-hyeon, president of the Sacheon City Sports Association, Choi Da-hong, president of the Sacheon Regional Children’s Center Federation, Shin Han-chul, vice president of the Gyeongnam Football Association, and soccer team members. The inauguration ceremony proceeded in the order of soccer team introduction, congratulatory remarks, time celebration, and commemorative photo shoot.

Director Park Sang-wook, Secretary General Park Eun-deok, and Chairman Kwon Taek-hyun participated in the ceremony. Three people simultaneously kicked the ball towards the goal and the soccer team members received the ball in front of the goal.

Park Sang-wook, head of KAI’s business management division, said, “I hope young people will have a healthy body and mind through football,” and “KAI will continue its social contribution projects for the local community.”

Kwon Taek-hyeon, chairman of the Sacheon City Sports Association, said, “It is a great pleasure to have a children’s soccer team in Sacheon. I hope that KAI will continue to nurture young people.” He also cheered the soccer members, saying, “I hope you study hard, play soccer hard, and move towards your dreams.”