‘Rugby World Hiddink’ manager Charlie Low bids farewell to Korea

South African national rugby team coach Charlie Lowe (58, photo), who led the Korean men’s rugby jump, recently laid down the baton. The Korea Rugby Association wanted to extend the contract with coach Lowe by one year, but could not find an agreement with coach Lowe. Coach Lowe, who led the Korean national team for two years from 2021, recently moved to Japan, where his family lives, without renewing the contract.

After signing a contract with the association 먹튀검증as general manager and performance improvement chairman in 2021, coach Low performed the role of coaching the national team whenever there was an international competition. Under Lowe’s coaching system, Korea made its first Olympic appearance and 7-man World Cup appearance for the first time in 17 years. Coach Lowe was called ‘Hiddink of the Korean rugby world’. The association originally proposed a one-year extension option contract stipulated in the contract, but could not get Director Lowe’s consent. It is known that Lowe wanted a part-time manager rather than a full-time manager, considering the poor Korean rugby environment. In addition, the fact that the contract was extended by only one year was not enough for Lowe, who wanted stable activities, to accept.

“It was an honor to be hired by the Korea Rugby Association in 2021,” said coach Lowe in a recent official letter sent to the association. Choi Yoon, the head of the association, sent a reply saying, “I am grateful that coach Lowe has achieved good results and implanted the DNA of victory in the Korean national team,” and “I look forward to the day we meet again.”

Currently, the Korean men’s rugby team (7-man) is in South Africa to participate in the World Rugby Challengers, which starts on the 20th. The head coach is Lee Myung-geun. South Korea was in Group C with Brazil, Jamaica and Uganda, and the top 3 in the group advances to the quarterfinals.

Korea is ahead of Asian regional qualifiers for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September and the Paris Olympics in November. In order to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, it must win the Asian qualifier by beating Hong Kong and Japan. The association said, “It is understood that Coach Lowe is in charge of a university team in Japan,” and “We are reviewing a plan to return to Korea in the second half of this year and lead the national team for a short term.”