‘Reversal to reversal’ → ‘Love call’ for ‘fallen genius’ came out

 It’s really dramatic. About a week ago, they pointed their fingers at him, calling it the ‘corruption of genius’, but now they are sending love calls again.

Dele Alli did a really good job at his birthday party last week. 메이저놀이터,Photos of four men and three women posing in a bed were also leaked. Previously, pictures of him drinking ‘laughing gas’ from his apartment balcony were leaked, causing an uproar in the English Premier League.

EPL seniors, reporters, and coaches, one after another, reached out to Ali for help, saying that they had to save the ‘prodigal genius’.

Ali uploaded a picture of herself smiling happily in a hospital bed after undergoing a hip surgery that plagued her last weekend.

She was happy to say that Ali, who had looked like someone who had given up on her life for the past week, finally came to her senses and underwent surgery to treat her injuries.

Ali also posted on social media, “The surgery went well and was successful. He also sent greetings, saying, “Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support.”

“Unfortunately, this season is over. I would like to thank the fans for all the love they showed me while in Besiktas.”

It is said that Besiktas, who played this season, are pushing for Ali’s transfer return, probably thanks to seeing Ali’s changed appearance. In particular, the UK’s The Sun reported on the 18th that the team president opened the door to comeback.

Ali moved to Turkiye side Besiktas on loan this season, but has been sluggish, scoring only three goals in 17 matches. He had a nightmare season because of his injuries. Besiktas sent him back to Everton. And Ali underwent hip surgery. The rest of his season is over.

The president of Besiktas, who had abandoned the ‘genius’ in this way, wants to sign him again through a permanent contract. It can’t be a dramatic twist.

The British media reported that Besiktas’ chairman Sevi said, “If Everton leaves Ali freely after the season, we are considering Ali’s transfer.” Ali has more than a year left on his contract with Everton.