‘Red Devils’ that could not prevent the ‘feeling temperature of 3.1 degrees’ cold weather

The Red Devils are passionately cheering for the Taegeuk Warriors despite the sudden cold weather.

The Korean women’s national soccer team (ranked 25th in FIFA), led by coach Colin Bell, faced Zambia (ranked 77th in FIFA) in the first round of the ‘Shinsegae E-Mart Invitational Women’s National Football Team Friendly Match’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 7th. there is. The first half ended with South Korea unable to keep the lead and being pulled 1-2 by Zambia.

The women’s national team is preparing for the메이저놀이터 World Cup under a long-term project. In order to prepare for Colombia (No. 26 in FIFA rankings), Germany (No. 2 in FIFA rankings), and Morocco (No. 73 in FIFA rankings), which will face off in Group H of the group stage, they planned a ‘customized sparring stage’ one by one and learned how to practice. The match against Zambia is a two-part evaluation match to prepare for the match against Morocco.

Zambia is a team with potential enough to be colorless in the FIFA rankings. They advanced to the World Cup by finishing third in the 2022 African Football Confederation (AFC) Women’s Cup of Nations. In the 3rd-4th place match, it was enough to catch Nigeria, the strongest player in African women’s soccer (FIFA ranking 42nd). Zambia is also accelerating preparations for the World Cup, so it is the best sparring partner for Korea.

Korea started the match against Zambia with the slogan of ‘high intensity – challenge high and strong’. However, the cold weather returned due to the rain that fell across the Korean peninsula the day before the game. Suwon World Cup Stadium, where the match against Zambia was held, is 6.7 degrees, 1.7 degrees lower than yesterday, and the perceived temperature dropped to 3.1 degrees in the aftermath of the cold wind.

Even so, the Red Devils did not stop cheering. As the national anthem rang out, large Taegeukgi adorned the stands as usual. Applause poured in for each player’s play, and cheers came out. There were also cheering slogans that are indispensable in Korean soccer: ‘Dae~HanMinKuk!’ and ‘Oh sure-win Korea!’ Thanks to the support of the Red Devils, Taegeuk Warriors took the lead with Cho So-hyun’s opening goal in the 24th minute of the first half.

But the joy was short-lived. At the end of the first half, Kundananji Rachel scored an equalizer and Banda Barbra scored a come-from-behind goal, swallowing up the disappointment. Taegeuk warriors struggle to overturn the game again after entering the second half, and the red devil also adds strength with fervent cheering.