‘Reconstruction of the famous family’ mission, who will be the new manager of Jeonbuk

Who will be the new leader of Jeonbuk Hyundai?

After parting ways with former manager Kim Sang-shik, Jeonbuk began the search for a new head coach.

After completing the first round robin, Jeonbuk is currently in the 10th place, in the relegation zone. With only 11 points from 3 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses in 11 games, they are in the ranks where they have to go to the promotion playoffs. There is already a 17-point gap with the leader Ulsan Hyundai (28 points). No matter how early in the season, chasing is not an easy gap. In fact, it seems difficult to intervene in the winning race.

However,카지노사이트 the common opinion of K-League officials is that Jeonbuk is unlikely to maintain its current ranking. Even if it is difficult to compete with Ulsan, it is evaluated that they have a squad and potential to enter the Final A and advance to the Champions League next season.

Jeonbuk is also aware of this. For this reason, the idea is not to appoint a director in a hurry. This is because finding the right person to rebuild the team is more important than speed. Heo Byeong-gil, CEO of Jeonbuk, said, “We haven’t set a clear deadline. He is still in the early stages of the season and the plan is to recruit a new coach as carefully as possible.”

First of all, acting manager Kim Doo-hyun has to lead the team until a new manager arrives.

The person who took the lead in recruiting a new coach is Park Ji-sung, technical director. As CEO Huh is a non-professional in football, director Park is currently looking for a leader that fits the situation in Jeonbuk.

The possibility of appointing a foreign commander through Director Park’s network is being discussed. In Europe, if director Park’s strengths are utilized, a competent outsider can be chosen as his successor. Director Park is known to be in contact with a highly recognizable leader to recruit a new manager. The club is also in the process of organizing the list by receiving nominations through domestic agents.

However, considering the current situation in Jeonbuk, there is a concern that the clumsy appointment of a foreign coach will become a self-inflicted attack. It is now in the middle of the season and Jeonbuk finished the first round in a huge slump. It is not expected that it will be easy to change the current negative trend if a foreign manager who does not know the K-League environment at all, let alone the internal circumstances such as the team atmosphere, the characteristics of the players, and the strengths and weaknesses, takes over. Foreign coaches have a high risk as it takes a long time to understand the team. Recruiting a manager who has really excellent leadership and can be expected even if he comes in mid-season can lead to actual results. Moreover, it is doubtful whether a big-name manager of the level Jeonbuk wants will readily choose to go to Korea.

Among domestic coaches, the majority of the opinion in the soccer community is that former Olympic team coach Kim Hak-beom is the most suitable card. Coach Kim is a leader with strong charisma and leadership, and is a character who can settle the chaotic team atmosphere. The rich experience here is also the biggest strength. He rescued Seongnam FC from relegation in 2014 and made a splash in the Champions League the following year. In addition, as he worked with Min-kyu Song, Dong-jun Lee, Tae-wook Jeong, Gun-woong Kim, and Moon-hwan Kim, who were with him in the Asian Games and the Olympic team, it is worth expecting to maximize the use of his squad. Having spent two years recharging after the Tokyo Olympics, he is considered a strong candidate.

In addition, former Ulsan Hyundai manager Kim Do-hoon, who is from Jeonbuk, is also mentioned as a candidate. Although there are concerns about the sense of the scene three years after leaving the domestic stage, it can be an alternative in terms of career or symbolism.

It is known that Yoon Jung-hwan, former coach of Jeff United, who is working as a commentator after returning from the Japanese stage, is also included in the candidate list.