Ralph Rangnick, who led Manchester United, “Tottenham’s good team, manager Nagelsmann → recommended”

Manager Ralph Rangnick has recommended Julian Nagelsmann to take over at Tottenham. If Nagelsmann were to take the Tottenham helm, he would be a pretty good transfer.

Coach Ralph Rangnick said in an interview with Sky Sports, England on the 28th (Korean time), “Tottenham is a good team. They have the best training facilities in one of the most modern and beautiful stadiums in the world. There are still many things to improve, but we won right away. “It’s not a team that wants to be a good team. It will be a good team for Nagelsmann.”

Tottenham크크크벳 appointed manager Antonio Conte midway through last season. Conte and the European Football Federation (UEFA) advanced to the Champions League, but the team atmosphere was clouded by the frustrating tactics this season and eventually decided to harden.

In the beginning, there was an atmosphere that wanted Nagelsmann as the manager. Coach Nagelsmann showed excellent leadership during his Leipzig days and took the helm of Bayern Munich, but left the team midway through the season.

He intended to take a break until the summer after leaving Bayern Munich. However, Chelsea fired manager Graham Porter, who signed a long-term contract (seven years) under new owner Todd Boelli. With Real Madrid and the Champions League ahead, I tried to approach Nagelsmann.

Manager Nagelsmann was also quite positive about the Chelsea managership. Chelsea appointed Christopher Pipel as a new general manager in December last year, a person who worked with Nagelsmann during his time at Leipzig. It is also the reason why he recommended Nagelsmann as the next manager of Chelsea.

But lately, Mauricio Pochettino has been putting more effort into it. Local British media reported that “Coach Pochettino is gradually solidifying as Chelsea’s next manager. There is a high possibility that an official announcement will be made next week. During the negotiation process, the size of Chelsea’s squad and manager Pochettino’s team were discussed.”

There are still a few steps left before signing the contract. No formal agreement has been reached. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano explained, “We discussed a long-term project at Chelsea on Monday. It’s positive. Everyone involved in the negotiations expects a full agreement to be reached.”

As things change rapidly, Tottenham are touching the Nagelsmann card. Ralph Rangnick, who recommended Tottenham, advised, “But if Tottenham wants Nagelsman, they need a general manager who will definitely support Nagelsman.”