‘Puig still belongs to Kiwoom?’ Homepage updates for KBO teams that are worse than minor league rookie teams

Recently, an overseas media reported on Yasiel Puig and pointed out that he is still listed as a member of Kiwoom Heroes.

In fact, on the Kiwoom website, Puig is openly listed as an outfielder. Pitcher Tyler Appler, who has already gone to the Taiwan League, is still there. 메이저놀이터

It is because he did not update the squad movement.

not only raising In the squad section of many club homepages, only the phrase “in preparation” is written all over.

At least SSG Landers is a bit better. SSG, which changed all three foreign players, listed the three new foreigners on its homepage. However, only a picture and name are posted, and no profile at all.

The Pittsburgh Gold of the Dominican Summer League (DSL), a minor league two-key team to which Shim belongs, put his name on the roster on their website upon signing a contract.

Minor league teams, as well as major leagues in the US, update their squad movement at the same time as contracts are signed.

Choo Shin-soo said that he could understand why the KBO League is at the level of Double-A after playing for himself. He clicked his tongue as he watched the players change clothes inside the bus because there was no space to sit. It is because the environment is like this that better players do not come out.

Managing the club website is no different. Aside from content, the current state of the KBO League is that even the update of the team movement is inferior to that of the rookie team.

Don’t make excuses such as ‘because the contract with the subcontractor has not been signed yet’ or ‘because the transfer of the players has not been completed’.

A league that doesn’t even manage its website properly calls for ‘global baseball shoes’? A passing cow would laugh.