Poetry event on 10th March: Ron Silliman, JL Williams, nick-e melville and Anne Laure Coxam

The latest in the ‘Poetry at The Sutton Gallery’ is set to be a blinder with four fantastic poets reading.

Ron Silliman is a leading figure in contemporary poetics. Since 1974, he has been producing long serial works The Age of Huts (1974-1980)메이저놀이터, Tjanting (1979-1981), The Alphabet (1979-2004), and Universe (2005-present). The latest installment of Universe is to be published by Shearsman this year. His blog is an excellent resource for contemporary poetics.

JL Williams has been widely published in journals and her poetry has been translated into Greek, French, Spanish and Dutch and she has translated poetry from Spanish and Greek. She is particularly interested in cross-form work and has collaborated with artists, musicians and filmmakers. In September 2009, Williams journeyed to the Aeolian Isles to write a collection inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses called Condition of Fire, published by Shearsman in 2011. Her second collection, Locust and Marlin (Shearsman, 2014), explores the idea of home and where we come from.

Both Anne Laure Coxam’s parents were pyschiatrists which explains a lot and then she met nick-e melville which explains the rest. She is a teacher of French as a Foreign Language and has lived in Scotland for 10 months. She thinks people are a lot nicer here, but maybe that’s because she doesn’t understand them, and she loves the LRT bus network. She has had work published in Local Tongue in France and LIT in New York.

nick-e melville was born in Simpson’s Maternity Hospital in 1975. There was something wrong with his blood sugar so he was put in an incubator. He thinks this has something to do with his type 1 diabetes which he contracted when he was 33. Between these two periods, a lot of stuff happened, such as ‘becoming’ a poet. Since he was 33 lots of other things happened, some of which he will read about with Anne Laure. They co-organise the Vive the [r]évolution poetry nights at the French Institute.