Plutocrats fall from trees too… LG’s confidence in its super ace

“You can’t be good forever.”토스카지노

On the starting mound for the Korean Baseball Organization, there is a mountain of a man named Adam Plutko, 32. As of three days ago, he was 10-1 in 16 games with a 2.06 ERA. He’s second in wins and fourth in ERA. With teammate Casey Kelly having faltered somewhat, he’s taken over the ace title and is performing at his best.

In fact, his performance was even more spectacular than his current numbers suggest. Before his 16th start, he was 10-0 with no losses in 15 games and a 1.66 ERA. The team didn’t lose any of the five games that ended in a no-decision. He had 12 quality starts (six or more innings and three or fewer earned runs) and three quality starts plus (seven or more innings and three or fewer earned runs). Plutko’s start almost meant a win for LG.

However, Plutko’s winning streak eventually ended. On the 1st, he suffered his first loss of the season against the KIA in Jamsil. He was shaken by eight hits in four innings, leaving him with five earned runs. It hurt that he gave up a big five-run inning in the fourth inning when he was hit by six consecutive hits.

Plutko, who has gone at least five innings all season, left the mound after four innings for the first time. He also tied his personal record for most runs allowed in a single game. The previous record was four runs (five earned) in six innings against Samsung Electronics in Daegu on 14 May.

“Baseball is a game where you can’t keep getting better and better. What you’ve done so far is enough,” he said, wrapping his arms around Plutko. Yoon knew that Plutko was largely responsible for LG’s ability to hold on while Kelly faltered.

“It’s about time (Plutko) got hit once. But it’s true that the content was a bit bad. He threw 41 pitches in one inning, which is the most disappointing thing, because even if we lose one, we should lose 2-3.” He was referring to the top of the fourth inning, when he was hit hard. It was a disappointment that the five-inning, 100-pitch standard that Yeom always emphasises for his starters was not met.

Nonetheless, LG has a lot of faith in Plutko. It’s natural to have shaky performances over the course of a season. The same goes for the league’s ace. Now, look at the return points as a stinging shot in the arm that could prove to be good medicine for Don Plutko.