“Please wait a little longer”…A transitional period towards the big guns, the time of patience that came to the ‘last in batting average’

“Please wait a little longer.”

‘Little Lee Dae-ho’ Han Dong-hee (24) has yet to get on the right track. He has one home run, but he’s stuck at a batting average of 1.3 and 3 (6-for-45) OPS of .472. He is last in batting average among 67 batters who have filled regulation at-bats. 

Han Dong-hee has been 메이저사이트in the process of being reborn as a strong gun since the finish camp last fall. Although he was a career hitter with 54 home runs, he was a type of hitter who hit strong line drive balls, and his speed was the best in the league, but he also hit a lot of ground balls. The low launch angle of around 10 degrees was a regrettable point for Han Dong-hee. 

Now, he argued with the coaching staff that this innate power and hitting speed should not lead to a ground ball. Han Dong-hee had to grow as a giant who represents Lotte and leads the league someday. What Lotte hoped for was Han Dong-hee hitting more home runs. Under the guidance of coach Park Heung-sik, who raised Lee Seung-yeop, the ‘national hitter’, and Park Byeong-ho, the ‘national hero’, Han Dong-hee chose challenges and changes to become a reliable giant. He went through the process of changing the batting tube itself to increase the launch angle and hit a fly ball rather than a ground ball. He tried to create a swing to get the ball in the air by putting the hitting point back than before. 

He has been working hard all winter and there are positive signs too. His launch angle has increased and he now lands more fly balls than ground balls. The ground ball/fly ball ratio increased for the first time in his career. A fly ball ratio of 0.82 this year. The fact that the ball started to float is a sign that a change has been made, but this does not lead to a long hit. 

Han Dong-hee himself is the most frustrated. Noh Jin-hyeok, who watches Han Dong-hee from the side of the ground and from the seat next to the locker, said, “I can see that he is under a lot of stress. I am not a player who does not work hard. I go to the indoor batting arena every day to try and train.” “He’s a good-hearted and tender player. He makes a lot of weak noises, so I want to make him stronger. That’s why he says, ‘Come on.’ He expressed his affection for Han Dong-hee. 

Coach Park Heung-sik also understands the difficulties Dong-hee Han is currently experiencing more than anyone else. Coach Park said, “Please wait a little bit.” He added, “(Han) Dong-hee in the past would have had a good batting average, but overall, I think it is good for individuals, teams, and Korean baseball to become a player who hits about 2.8 percent and hits about 30 home runs. He is a player. So I thought I should make a change now.” “he said. 

It is a message from inside and outside the club that the burden of the modifier ‘Little Lee Dae-ho’ is not small. Now, in a situation where Han Dong-hee has to take over Lee Dae-ho’s share, he feels the weight of the burden intact. From this situation to the transitional period of changing the striking mechanism. Coach Park has praised the talent and ability of his older sister, Han Dong-hee. “The overall physical condition, mechanism, power, and flexibility are at a high level not only in Lotte but also in Korean baseball. 

First of all, waiting for the right time. Since the season has not yet been played for a month, there are no results that can be called a definitive sample. He said, ‘Unconditionally hit number 4’, but in order to alleviate the current growing pains a little, the batting order was lowered to the bottom batting order. He says it only takes one occasion.

Coach Park Heung-sik said, “Now I’m watching too. I’m feeling a lot of pressure in the 4th hitter, so I’d rather think of it as a test in the lower batting line and give it back.” I’m looking at it. I’m hoping to find that point.”

Of course, if the player wants, he can go back to the past. However, Han Dong-hee still has the will to change. Coach Park Heung-sik explained, “I am also thinking about whether to go back to the past and play comfortably, or continue the current process of change. It is not something I will continue to insist on.

After joining as the first nomination in 2018, Han Dong-hee grew up by paying a considerable amount of tax. And the time of her patience came again to Han Dong-hee. Will Han Dong-hee be able to find her way again and move forward in the process of accepting her new direction?