‘Physical: 100’ couple contestants Kim Kang-min ♥ Song Ah-reum “The most perfect body is…”

“The most perfect body, beautiful body? It’s my body.”

Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100’ ended successfully with the release of the last episode on the 21st. According to the Netflix official site ‘Netflix Top 10’ on the 22nd, ‘Physical: 100’ recorded 45.42 million cumulative viewing hours as of the third week of February, ranking first in the non-English TV category for two consecutive weeks. Along with the explosive popularity of ‘Physical: 100’, the 100 contestants who boasted outstanding physicals also received a lot of attention.

Bodybuilders Kim Kang-min (31) and Song Ah-reum (31) were the only couple among the contestants to make it to the final top 20. Kim Kang-min, who boasted of his muscular build, is known as the ‘King of NABBA’ as a person who has won 5 championships in the NABBA Pro Tournament, including 1st place at the NABBA WFF Asia Open Championship. He runs a YouTube channel and boasts a large fan base.

Song Ah-reum also has a brilliant career, including winning the Miss Bikini Medium category at the 2015 Muscle Mania Universe World Competition and winning the WFF Universe French Pro Bikini Universe. The couple, who celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary this year, told the story behind ‘Physical: 100’, which gave them special memories in an interview at the end of the show.

-How are you doing after appearing in ‘Physical: 100’?
Kim Kang-min: I’ve been called from various places, so I’m filming, taking (training) classes, and doing YouTube.
Song Ah-reum: I am not doing activities such as YouTube, so I am doing classes and raising children.

-There was a response that they were thrilled to be together as a married couple.
Kim Kang-min: Out of 100 performers, we were the only couple. It was a new feeling to survive as a couple until the final 20 members. It was good that we appeared together and survived until the end.
Song Ah-reum: There were a lot of very strong people who appeared, but since I was with my husband, I became more determined.

-I saw a picture taken with Choo Seong-hoon on social media. How did you actually see it?
Kim Kang-min: After appearing in ‘Physical: 100’, Choo Seong-hoon made a meeting and had a private dinner. After watching it on a TV program, when we filmed together, he was very human. As soon as he came to the dinner table, he saw him pour two bottles of alcohol in a row. He ate really well.

– Are there any people you became close to after filming?
Song Ah-reum: (Wrestling) Jang-sil and Jang-sil are friends, so we keep in touch. She also contacts Ssireum Park Min-ji.

-How did you make the ‘Physical: 100’ torso?
Kim Kang-min: Before filming, he cut his own body out of plaster and produced it. I had to stand for an hour. I remember that it was very difficult to do that during the preparation period for the match.

– What was the most difficult competition event?
Song Ah-reum: It was all difficult, but when we had a 1-on-1 deathmatch, we went through three overtimes, although not all of them appeared on the broadcast. It was the longest game, but I think that was the hardest.
Kim Kang-min: Her wife ruptured her ankle ligaments while doing it, so she had to wear a cast as well.

-You jumped 118cm in the sergeant jump. It jumps higher than expected and seems to have good agility.
Kim Kang-min: If you look on my YouTube, you can see people jumping more than 130cm. (Seeing me run) Others will be amazed. Doesn’t it weigh more than 100kg? I think I was able to do it because I sat down and did the sergeant jump like a squat. He seemed to be focused and nervous, but when he saw Yoon Sung-bin lightly jumping, he felt ‘Oh, it’s really different’.
Song Ah-reum: I couldn’t run because my ankle was bad at the time.

– What was disappointing about the fourth quest, ‘Icarus’ Wings’?
Song Ah-reum: I’ve never seen her hanging on a rope. At first, I thought I could go up with my strength, but it didn’t work out. At that time, my ankle was in a bad condition, so I learned how to use my legs from the team leader (Ma Seon-ho) during breaks. It was a pity that I hadn’t touched the rope before and after being eliminated.

– What was disappointing about ‘Atlas’ Punishment’?
Kangmin Kim: I wanted to do ‘The Punishment of Sisyphus’. If the team acted selfishly, they would choose what they wanted to do, but when we chose from a structure where we could make mutual concessions and create a win-win situation, we ended up doing ‘Atlas’s Punishment’. It was a month before the match, and I thought I was going to get hurt because I tried to hold on while on a diet. So I put it down, but that was a bit disappointing. If it wasn’t for the preparation for the match, I think I could have done a little better.

-What do you think is the perfect body or beautiful body?
Kim Kang-min: It’s my body (laughs). We are bodybuilders. I think that a body like art or a work of art is a beautiful body. Wouldn’t the sport itself be the closest to beauty?

– If you compliment each other.
Kim Kang-min: Actually, this is not something I do alone. I was able to get such good grades because (my wife) helped me well. I think I was able to appear in ‘Physical: 100’ (thanks to my wife), so I live with a grateful heart.
Song Ah-reum: Likewise, as a player, I think the reason why she is in this position is because of her husband’s foreign support. My husband is also very responsible.

-If she says she wants to be an athlete too.
Song Ah-reum: If So-eun wants to do it토토사이트, I want her to do it because it is an area where we can help a lot.

– What are your plans for the future?
Song Ah-reum: We are preparing for the IFBB bikini pro competition in the second half of this year. I will try to come back to my field and show a good image. We are aiming to win the Olympia qualifier.
Kim Kang-min: I want to show various sides of myself not only as a bodybuilder, but also through various activities such as good deeds. My goal is to become a bodybuilder that can be seen in various fields, not an old-fashioned feeling.

-Lastly, would you like to say something to your fans?
Song Ah-reum: With ‘Physical: 100’, not only Korea but also other countries are cheering and sending messages. I really want to say thank you, and I will work hard to show you a good image in various fields in the future.
Kim Kang-min: There are many people who send a lot of love, interest, and support while doing bodybuilding. I think that’s why I was able to appear in a big program called ‘Physical: 100’. I want to show my fans a cool image in the future.