“Park Joo-young hyung help me” is the biggest word in high school that overcame the crisis of athlete career

Ulsan Hyundai rookie Kang Yoon-gu revealed that he was overcoming the crisis with the advice of playing coach Park Joo-young.

Kang Yun-goo was the best prospect in high school. Ulsan signed in October 2020, and made its debut at the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. That year, he recorded 7 appearances in the league, and last year, he was loaned to K-League 2 Busan I-Park (13 games, 1 goal, 1 assist). At that time, Busan coach Perez changed his position to wingback and fullback to bring out his potential. He wanted to finally catch fire, but he faced a serious injury that threatened his career. It was a great ordeal for him, now only twenty years old. He missed the entire second half of last year without even joining the team (Busan). He devoted himself to treatment and rehabilitation. He showed up in Ulsan’s team training that started on the 3rd.

What happened to Kang Yun-goo in the meantime? He met at the clubhouse in Dong-gu, Ulsan, “When I first went on loan to Busan, the coach gave me a different position than the original position. He was embarrassed, but as he ran, his confidence grew. he was very good He made a turn at Asan Jeon, Chungcheongnam-do (May 9), and suddenly his knee hurt. After he finished the first half, he came into the locker room and did the taping. He played full time. On May 11th, he digested everything against Jeonnam Dragons. He obviously had no problems even on his days off…”

He continued to be in good form, as evidenced by the number of appearances. Because of this, he felt even more regret. I didn’t know that the Jeonnam match would be the last game I played in the Busan uniform.

“I went to the hospital because my knee kept hurting,” he said. He had an MRI and found that his right meniscal cartilage had been completely torn. I wanted to have it removed, but the hospital said that if the cartilage was removed, I would not be able to play, and I would have to stitch it up. On May 17, he underwent surgery and was sidelined. I couldn’t even set my feet on his floor for over a month and a half. He has been committed to rehabilitation so far, and returned to Ulsan early this month,” recalling the difficult rehabilitation process.

Time passed quickly. It’s already been 3 years as a pro. Expectations were high because it was such a big deal. However, he blamed himself for not showing anything. It seemed that the modifier, “the biggest language in high school,” rather acted as a burden to him.

“The people around me and the fans had high expectations from me. When the opportunity came, he was only motivated. I was impatient. He also felt that the professional stage was different. i was lacking I couldn’t show it in training. In the first year, the number of matches was small, and in the second year, the season was canceled due to injury. For this reason, I am not upset or upset. Thanks to the time of patience, I became more mature mentally. The rehabilitation period was long, so I was able to build a body.”

At first glance, unlike the first year of joining, his physical condition has improved. Thanks to her focus on weights. Kang Yoon-gu said, “When he was injured last year, fans worried a lot. Without that time, this year and beyond would have been bleak. I was physically weak. To overcome that, he decided to live or die for weight. In the 1st and 2nd years, when I was playing the passing game, I was pushed behind by my older brothers and was scared, but thanks to the medicine-like time, I gained confidence in my body and mind.” I talked a lot with my mother and played with the puppy she raised. Her mother must have had a hard time feeding her. And will I stay as a 22-year-old rule player, or will I develop further from here. I was even more determined,” he recalled. 토토사이트

Director Hong Myung-bo continued to pay attention even after taking the Ulsan baton, saying, ‘Kang Yun-goo has a lot of things’. When he overcame this crisis and returned to the team, he encouraged him. Park Joo-young, who transformed into a playing coach, also gave loving advice.

Kang Yun-gu said, “When he runs, his knees are filled with water, and he is not 100% his body yet. He has no big problems when it comes to playing soccer. He says the director never overdoes it. He is considerate enough to take a tempo break when playing the passing game. It is a step in the making step by step. He said, “(Park) Joo-young hyung had a bad knee when he was in his prime. Because of that experience, he asked me, ‘How are you? Are you okay?” he always cares and takes care of me. He gives me a lot of strength,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Ulsan will challenge the league for the second consecutive year following last year. Kang Yoon-gu was happy with Ulsan’s victory, but he watched from afar as he was focusing on rehabilitation. It is difficult for him to play a lot this year because his original position is a fierce battleground (2nd line offense), but there is a possibility. He can compete for the U-22 spot with Hwang Jae-hwan as a side striker and Cho Hyun-taek as a fullback.

He said, “I thought about this and that a lot. I wish I could have done better, but I felt that life is not easy. The goal is to play as many games as possible without getting hurt. When I first came to the team, there is no more impatience like ‘if I can’t do it in the next game, it’s over’. It’s fun to play soccer with good hyungs. I will learn a lot and gradually become a better player. I hope fans don’t have to worry about injuries.”