Oh Ji-hyun shed ‘tears of joy’ “I’m the happiest at this moment”

“I cried while hugging my husband. This moment is the happiest.”

On the 16th (Korean time), the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Sony Open ended at Waialei Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Kim Si-woo (28) won a dramatic come-from-behind victory on the final day and achieved his 4th PGA Tour victory. And next to him was his ‘wife’ Oh Ji-hyeon (27), who was more delighted with the championship than anyone else. 카지노

The PGA Tour conducted a joint interview with Kim Si-woo and Oh Ji-hyun after the game. Oh Ji-hyun said, “I was more nervous than when I entered the tournament as a player. He said, “I was even more proud and proud to know how hard and difficult it was for me as a player.”

Oh Ji-hyun made her 2014 debut on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, winning seven in her nine years. However, she said, “I will work hard as Kim Si-woo’s wife, not as a player.” Even in the first part of her interview, Oh Ji-hyun asked Kim Si-woo, “Why am I interviewing? I’m not star. I’m your wife.”

Oh Ji-hyun said, “When she was in a relationship, she always had the idea that she should be apart. Now that she’s married, it’s nice that she doesn’t have to fall apart,” she said. Kim Si-woo also said, “Until now, I only did galleries with my girlfriend and followed her around. Now, I am happy that I came with my wife,” he said.

For the married couple Kim Si-woo and Oh Ji-hyeon, this competition became an unforgettable memory. He won a meaningful victory in Hawaii, where he came as a ‘honeymoon’ due to lack of time. Oh Ji-hyun said, “Originally, Hawaii is a place I really like. She came to Hawaii with expectations. I think it will get better because I seem to be getting results as much as I like.”