‘Newspaper delivery & mover’ Rubikson from the 7th division of Sweden

The player who heats up the first half of the 2023 K-League 1 the most is Gustav Rubiksson (30, Ulsan) from Sweden.

The side wing Rubiksson’s goal-hunting skills are already considered to be the best in the K-League 1. He is running as the scoring leader with 5 goals in 7 games since opening. He not only has a lot of goals, but his accuracy is extraordinary enough to hit 10 out of 13 shots on goal.

If Rubiksson maintains the same pace as now (average 0.71 goals per game), 메이저사이트he will be the top scorer. Rubikson’s winning streak is Daniel Subotic (2017, 1 goal), Toyota Yohei (2018, 2 goals), Bjorn Johnson (2020, 5 goals) and Lucas Hinterger (2020, 5 goals), who left Ulsan with a shabby back. Compared to 2021, 6 goals), etc.

In an interview with Sports Trend on the 17th, Rubiksson said, “The K-League style, which is faster than Sweden, which focuses on defensive tactics, suits me well. It’s not easy to try to press from a high area or adapt to the fast and then slow flow, but I’m trying.”

Rubik’s hand is more loved by fans because of the drama-like story of soccer life. Rubiksson made his first start as a footballer in 2011, when he was just 17 years old, at the Swedish Möll Nyke (part 7) amateur. He couldn’t earn money from football, so he was busy looking for work during the day. Starting with a year and a half of work at a factory that made glasses, he did anything that could be done alongside football, from a newspaper distribution center, moving center, souvenir shop, and sporting goods store.

An official from Ulsan hinted, “Ruvixson actually applied for a job at IKEA, where he took pictures of joining Ulsan.”

Rubiksson grew up like a ladder every time his job changed, and in 2018, he achieved his dream of becoming a full-time player in Ørie Rütte (Part 2). Rubiksson, who joined Ulsan through Hammarby (Part 1) in 2020, has now been reborn as a player who is not strange to the Swedish national team.

For this reason, among fans, Rubik’s hand is called ‘Swedish version of Jamie Vardy’ (36, Leicester City). The body is famous for its fairy tale story that started in England’s 8th division and became the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) in 2020.

In response to this comparison, Rubikson said, “I only came to this place because I worked hard because I just liked soccer rather than dreaming of success.”

However, Rubikson is in the position that Ulsan’s victory is more important than enjoying the attention surrounding him. On the 16th, when Rubiksson scored his 5th goal of the season, he experienced his first defeat, 1-2, in Daejeon Hana Citizen’s expedition, and that determination was further strengthened. He reached the top of the Swedish Football Association (FA) Cup at Hammarby in 2021 and experienced his first professional win, but he has yet to win the regular league.

Rubikson said, “When I joined Ulsan, my only goal was to win the team,” and said, “I always want to help Ulsan win, and I want to win.”

If Rubiksson lifts the trophy in Ulsan this year, the possibility of getting his first A match as a member of the Swedish national team is open. He was called up to the Swedish national soccer team in 2022, but could not actually join due to Corona 19 infection. In 2024, the European Football Championship will be held in Germany, so the longing is different. Rubikson said, “I know that it is still too early to think of the national team,” and “I will focus on lifting the championship in Ulsan. My personal glory is next,” he said.