NBA restricts first-round pick if spending too much

The NBA strengthens regulations when spending exceeds a certain range.

According to ESPN reporter Tim Bernthams, if the club’s salary total goes past the second apron, it will not be able to trade a first-round pick after seven years.

Additionally, 바카라사이트if a player crosses the second apron twice in a given four-year period, the first-round pick is locked in last. However, it is expected that it remains to be seen whether the tie rule will be applied when the first round ticket is heading to the end due to the excessive amount of spending by multiple clubs.

The NBA made it clear in this labor-management reform that if the second apron (luxury tax plus $17.5 million) is passed, the restrictions will become much more severe. If the existing apron (luxury tax + 6 million dollars) was over a certain period, progressive tax had to be paid. Nevertheless, as there are clubs with excessive expenditures, it should be seen that it came out as a deterrent.

As the second apron is set, the NBA also becomes more restrictive. First of all, the 1st round nomination right after 7 years cannot be traded later, and if the expenditure exceeds twice within a specific 4-year period, the 1st round nomination right will be assigned as a subordinate. It is understandable that the government is trying to prevent some of the government from going solo due to excessive spending.

In MLB, the luxury tax line is set up to the 4th. When a certain section is exceeded, the use of the nomination right in the future is restricted. Unlike the NBA, the major league draft is much larger. As a result, the right to nomination is deprived and spending is limited. It’s worth seeing that the NBA is also in line with this. That’s because there are several teams that are currently overspending.

This restriction is expected to put some brakes on teams trying to sequentially increase their spending in the future. Also, teams whose salary totals have crossed the second apron this season (Clippers, Golden State, Milwaukee, Boston, Dallas, Phoenix) should start managing their spending right away. In other words, it is a matter of interest whether there will be a club that will take on the challenge when the opportunity to win comes.

As previously known, it is expected that 7 years later, the 1st round nomination rights will not be available, but will be relaxed due to non-transaction and fixed ranking. This will be applied from the upcoming 2023-2024 season. In addition, it is expected that we will have to wait and see if the restriction on the use of exception clauses and the arrest of contract termination players will be finally applied.